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    Hernando has filed this report via Facebook straight from the field.  Check out his facebook profile, Hernando on Facebook, for additional details.  I must say he filed this update on the goings on at Cascade all via facebook. It makes for an EPIC facebook post.  Anyway… it’s a great update on a first hand look at Cascade and how some of the NorCal fleet is faring up North.

    Women’s Race
    BMC Total Care team rides strong – hero of the day is Brenna Wolford Lopez-Otero as she claws back in to the race after an apeshit opening 3k climb led by Colavita and chased down byTeam TIBCO‘s Megan Guarnier

    Loads of attacks in the first 40 miles … but nothing gets away. It’s that 40 – 60 mile stretch that sees all the real action. A big group gets away from the women’s field … with Tara Whitten in it!!! Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12 Professional Cycling Team‘s Alison Tetrick Starnesis in the attack, too … but is called back to assist in the chase, probably because Whitten is just too dangerous.

    As the women hit the final 10k of climbing … KMacgrath crushes it to finish high up. MASSIVE ride put in by Anna Barensfield to stay up in the top 10 after being in the break.Emily Collins puts in a fabulous ride, as well – moving up in the GC.

    But the stage win goes to Rushlee Buchanan … with a solo effort over the last few kilometers, after being away in the break. Just awesome.

    Clara Hughes keeps the overall … somehow sticking with the powderkeg that is Erinne Willock, as she did her best to crack her fellow canuckian in half.

    Tomorrow’s criterium may well see another Colavita win … as they have some fantastic firepower in this field. But, I think a darkhorse might have to be either Ali Shanks or Tibco’s Meredith Miller. Seeing Miller scorch around that last TT corner yesterday just makes me think this woman is ready to uncork a wicked break and burn away in the final corners.

    Masters Update
    Chris Phipps was a total rockstar … as was his entire IronData/Thirsty Bear squad. Ron Castia was up front setting ass-churning tempo all day long, with a gaggle of his teammates. Moves were away all day long, but the break of the day was started by Andres Gil.

    Andres was super mad at me for not giving him a call-up in the men’s p1/2 crit at the Lodi Cycle Fest a couple weeks ago.

    Andres: “My-chael … I’m mad a’t chu.” (in super cute latin accent)
    Me: “Why, Andres? Did I shit talk you again on the interwebs?”
    Andres: “Chu did’un give’a me a callup at Lodi … it took me, like, te-hn laps to get to ‘da front. Te-hn laps, My-chael!”
    Me: “Andres, you have to blame Damian Gonzalez … he said, ‘NO callups for Michael David Winery riders.”
    Andres: “He did!?!?”
    Me: *snicker*
    Andres: “My-chael … I’m REALLY mad at chu.”

    So anyway, Phipps crushed the final climb and I think Andres stayed up there. When Andres went away, I bridged across with hardman Paul Drywal of Phipp’s team. It was a good move to make all the Oregonians chase.

    There were four of us away … and it was pretty stupid for me to be there … but, I figured I owed Andres a bit of a gap on the field for the climb, and it was good to give Chris Phipps a free ride in the pack so he could unleash hell on the final climb. It was pretty textbook.

    I’m sure results will be up soon … and I hope Phipps can hold off the TT specialists tomorrow. It’s a perfect TT for him, all uphill out for a few miles, then a bitchslap of 55t on the way back. He’ll be rockstar. And, I’ll be happy to lend him a hand in the circuit race to make sure he sticks the win.

    But, Chris Lyman might be a super contender with his TT prowess … and there’s always the Oregonians and Utah highlanders to contend with. Fun times!

    Men’s Report

    Metromint had a strong Cat 2 showing. I’m looking for results from them. There’s loads of stories from the Cat2s and Cat3s.

    In the Pro’s … it was pretty epic. Mancebo is unstoppable. And I have to say … the Spaniard is growing on me. I saw him at the prologue on Tuesday … just sitting around watching the racers – like 2 hours before his start. Now, this is a guy who used to be on the biggest team in the world … never seeing his bags, never touching grease for the bike … always getting a shuttled, chauvered life from start to finish. And here he was – just chilling on the side of the road just watching the racers and enjoying the vibe.

    That measures positive for me. I just really, really, REALLY hope he’s racing clean and enjoying life.

    ?Beth Newell Update

    Unfortunately, altitude caught up with her today. She had all the symptoms of minor altitude sickness today and it sent her into pretty bad distress. She gave it a thousand percent … and again,Brenna Wolford Lopez-Otero was AMAZING in bringing her water from the caravan and moving her up in the pack. But, the final climb saw beth come unglued a bit and finish in the 30s. She probably kept a low 20 GC … but, she’s incredibly disappointed.

    It’s hard for her to be satisfied … even though it’s her FIRST F*ING year in the NRC.

    jaysus.  shit … that’s all i’ve got for now.  ~ HERNANDO




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