• Tour Withdrawal

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    I feel like I have a hangover.  The end of the Tour always leaves an empty void in one’s stomach like when you first got dumped by your high school girlfriend, when you graduated from your local community college, or as in my case.. both at the same time.  When the tour ends you suddenly have so much free time it is a little disarming.  You can go back to cooking regular meals, reading the paper, walking your dog, or even paying attention to your work and family.  Given that all those pursuits are unsatisfying, except for the family one of course, there are multiple other summer cycling related activities you can apply your energy too.

    Cascade Re-Cap

    The RealCyclist.com team stole another domestic stage race making the invites to Colorado race feel a little hollow.  With the exception of Evan Huffman who hung tough for 23rd in the GC the NorCal men did not have much of a showing.  The women’s race looked like it was lining up to be a slug fest between Clara Hughs, Peanut Butter 2012, and TIBCO but was totally shaken up by aggressive riding from the Colavitta squad who gambled everything and took both the GC and Sprinters jerseys.  Pascale Schneinder (Vanderkitten) and Beth Newell (BMC Total Care) were the top local riders performing valiantly in their roles as guest riders coming in 11th and 22nd respectively.

    Strawberry Crown Crit

    Crit Season wraps up with this new little gem getting thrown for the Elite racing crowd down in Watsonville.  With Dave Towle showing up it is sure to be an NRC vibe and a great atmosphere.  The question is does anybody have the stones to try and beat Reaney on his teams home turf?  Rand has thrown in the towel, via twitter, and said Reaney is just better.  Will there be any other challengers?

    Cal Cup

    It has an awesome name, a bunch of great courses, and while most winners don’t start out trying to take the overall title they end up racing a few hellish races like the University RR in order to garner valuable points.  Catch up on the 2012 routes at the Velopomo site.  Cal Cup is the NorCal story to follow in August.

    Almost Cyclocross Time!

    The cross freaks are emerging from hibernation.  Chatter on the Yahoo! based cross list serve has increased dramatically the last month with bikes for sale, clinics, and new coaches popping up every day.  It’s time to dig up some old issues of Cyclocross Magazine and figure out when you need to start dismount practice.  There are even some summertime cross races and clinics happening that can help you get all polished up for October.

    Master Track Nationals

    The old folks are running in circles out in T-Town at this very moment. Hellyer Riders are racking up the medals, and hopefully treating the Trexlertown Tools with the animosity  they deserve.  Below is an annotated update published on the track list server today courtesy of Cathy Morgan

    National Champions in respective age groups

    • Scratch Race :Mark Rodamaker, John Elgart, Linda Elgart, Donna Woods, Bev Chaney
    • Kilo:  Pete Billington
    • 500m TT:  Mike Macdonald, Annabell Holland, Lorraine Jarvis

    Utah and Colorado Stage Races

    No idea when they start or what they are actually called but there are some big teams going.  Podiumsinsight.com will have the gorey details.

    Grand Fondo Madness

    I am not sure i really get the “Grand Fondo” appeal… didn’t we used to make fun of these before Levi made it cool?  Anyways…apparently there are a ton of them coming up including one in Palo Alto.  You know when there is a Palo Alto Grand Fondo then Satan has taken over the family business.

    CCCX Insanity

    Jesus… what don’t these guys promote.  We all need to try something a little different (mountain bike, cross, downhill, crazy road race) so check out what race CCCX is promoting and just go do it. I have my eye on some downhill races coming up….






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    3 Responses to Tour Withdrawal

    1. Sleepyhead
      July 28, 2011 at

      Nate English-Top ten in the TT? Again:)

    2. Paul D
      July 28, 2011 at

      Chris Phipps represented Norcal in the 35+ by winning stage 1 and taking the overall in yellow.

      Andres Gil won both the crit and the stage 4 circuit in the same field.

      Chris Lyman won the TT.

      I’d call that a norcal sweep!

    3. Paul D
      July 28, 2011 at

      … And I was talking about Cascade, of course…

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