• Busy Weekend & The Swedish Diet

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    As I was about to embark on another vacation, to Canada this time, where i get to do two of my favorite things, Canadian jokes and Tim Hortons, I did a quick check on the calendar and saw that this weekend is chock full of action after last weeks dearth of races.

    Non-Sequitur Warning

    So it looks like Hernando and Beth are heading off to the Mt. Diablo Hillclimb.  This of course made me think of being way to heavy to ever do something like that on a whim. Then I briefly thought…wait, maybe I can loose weight, and do Mt Tam, and then i remembered it was vacation time and ate a chocolate chip cookie.  However…. like a sign from god I was sent a vision while watching ‘House’.  The Swedish Diet!  What has to be the best commercial ever sucked me in and made me a believer… i can make weight and be a climber again!  I know I can!

    CCCX Road Race   #cccx

    It’s low key but the course is punishing regardless of who shows up. Webcor’s Billy Crane has been knocking at the door on this one so if he shows up I’m giving him the nod.

    Mt Diablo Hill Climb #mtdiablohc

    Prediction: Beth Newell and Susanna Breen lose to a random triathlete who crashes after trying to raise her arms in victory.  I know – I shouldn’t mock them, hot-triathlete-people, since the that falls into the Non Acceptable R Word category but we have to get out shots in when we can.

    Tour De Nez  #tourdenez

    Prediction: Webcor and Vanderkitten attack the crap out of the women’s race and then get gapped and almost lapped by Katerina Nash, who continues to look fabulous as riders retch on the sidelines.  Feeling stung by all the Steve Reaney is a local crit god talk, Bissell shows up in force (all three of them) and smokes the field.

    Foothill Circuit Race  #foothillrace

    Prediction: No question… Mary Ellen Ash if she doesn’t go to Tour De Nez. In the men’s race I can’t see James Mattis giving much quarter to the locals unless he helps out an up and comer like Adam Carr.  That said there are a few old dogs registered who have some juice in their legs still and you never know when one of the Specialized Juniors with knock one out.

    Tweet for me people.  I’m going to be in a Canada… it’s like going backwards in time.



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    1. Cat3ForFree
      August 1, 2011 at

      da Foothill circuit race was cool, and your right about that cccx stuff, fun racing with a fun crowd. thanks for keeping it all in check for a newbie like me Cat3, 4 points shy of my Cat 2 upward grade!

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