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    Ed Note: Since I have been out of the country with minimal connection, updating from my phone with spotty coverage is as close to hell as it can get,  I have combing the web for appropriate content.  One of the NorCal Cycling Twitterati @slonie (AKA @supcat & @cxcomic), took a stab since he didn’t like my quick upate and did a commendable job.  Sure… this is late, it took a few days, but some big wigs and legends showed up for the Foothill race , and from all reports it was a fun event.  The boy has a future at NorCal Cycling News should he ever attend another road race or cycling event.

    Last weekend marked the return of the Foothill College Circuit Race Race, presented by Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club. And, amazingly, I was there! Race reports aren’t really my thing, but since Norcal Cycling News managed to write a weekend race report purporting to cover this race without actually writing about it (great photo notwithstanding), I will take up the slack. This is the first, and may well be the last time this year I lined up at a road race, let alone ”covered” one (my race coverage is as good as AT&T’s coverage in San Francisco).


    I actually missed the start of this one because I was out riding singletrack on my road bike and picking blackberries instead of paying attention, but I figured it was an hour-long race and would take a while to settle down.

    My view of the start of the Pro/1/2 Race
    Start of the Pro/1/2 race
    Charlie Avis
    Charlie Avis, presumably in Zone 2 for 45 minutes  (Photo: Garrett Lau)

    By the time I got back, the field was circling around, content to let the Charlie Avis (Trek Livestrong U23 Team) have a casual training ride off the front for the better part of the race. I think he pulled off after his workout was done, finishing last (but first Pro, which is pretty PRO, or something like that) and letting the guys with real jobs race. Among them was Bill Lloyd (Six Fifty Racing), whom I mention because I am incredibly biased.

    Bill Lloyd
    Bill Lloyd shows up to put some hurt on the kiddos.  (Photo: Garrett Lau)

    When the pack was together, I took a little bit of time to think of something to heckle Rand Miller (Webcor/Alto Velo) with. Finally, I decided on “No donuts for sitting in!” but the pack came around again, he was off the front. Well, damn. Rand: 1, my attempt at heckling: 0. Twice over the course of his breakaway, lone riders bridged up to him with hopes to “Pull a Reaney,” presumably. But neither was successful in staying with Rand, who dropped each of them handily. I got the feeling that Rand would rather come in last than come in second in this race…

    Webcor-designated porta potty
    Rand Miller, not pictured


    Pro/1/2 Pack
    An Angry Pro/1/2 field  (Photo: Garrett Lau)

    And, well, that’s what happened. The pack caught Rand at the bottom of the climb, and it was game over. William Myers (Fremont Bank Cycling Team), James Mattis (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized), and Matthew Carinio (again! ArtsCyclery.com/Wild Horse Win) made up the top three in a finish I couldn’t see from my position at the most-sunburn-prone part of the course. It looks from this photo like it was very exciting.

    William Myers WinsWilliam Myers Wins! Mattis and Cariano close behind. (Photo: Garrett Lau)

    Josh Dapice (Audi Cycling Team) was also in the mix in the Pro/1/2 race, although he didn’t have my rear wheel anymore, so he didn’t win. Special mention also goes to Steven Woo (Third Pillar), who seemingly contested every single race (including women’s and juniors), while still taking photos of every race. I don’t know how he does it.

    Swoo has the pack right where he wants them...Steven Woo (Third Pillar) smiles, but not as much as May Woo (Sheila Moon, No Relation)

    FULL ARTICLE HERE http://slonie.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/foothill-race/




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      I had a Cannondale..similar or the same colors. Nice. I covered certain parts of the downtube decal……and it became the Can O Ale.

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      Right on Doug, I did the same on my Can o ale CX bike! (only on the chainstay though)

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