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    Back to back road races is a tough weekend for any rider but with San Ardo RR and University RR on tap this last weekend NorCal riders had their work cut out for them.  Usually the biggest hazards of these races are the King City cops (San Ardo), and the coastal fog (University) but the dominators of the Cal Cup series emerged in earnest to lay down the law and let the pack know who is in charge.  @yu_kie provided some live coverage, color commentary, and results after the races so better log in to Twitter and look her up for the play by play.


    Evan Huffman dominated the weekend with win’s at both races.  Cal Giant posted a prompt article on their site if you want to get the blow by blow from what might be the best team in NorCal. Huffman won both races by making a small selection of riders and using a combination of both strength and brains walked away with the equivalent of Cal Cup black jack.  Huffman followed the right attack at San Ardo and then solo’d away from his break companion for the win.  Huffman was unable to loose his University break-mate, our old friend The Fireman -Justin Rossi, and had to play the long game in order to out smart The Fireman in a sprint finish. Huffman has been on fire the last two months after placing well at Cascade, so the next few Cal Cup races should produce some serious fireworks.


    I no not have an update on San Ardo women’s race yet, looks like another Metromint win though the USA Cycling results show that Red Racing threw down with a full seven rider squad and put Christine Riker on the top step.  Until I did up details you will have to satisfy yourself with a first hand account on the University RR from Annie Fulton, who won this leg buster with a long, hour plus, effort off of the front.

    My teammates and I started attacking from the first climb. Rikke got away for a few laps, and I counterattacked when she was reeled in on lap 5. A British rider from Stanford tried to come with me but couldn’t stay on my wheel during the climbs, so I decided the next lap to go on without her. I put in a few hard laps, but throttled back a bit when I heard that I had 3 min on the field and growing.   I ended up finishing over 5 min ahead of the field.

    Fulton has developed into a tough little rider over the last few years showing her metal in the late season, hard and hilly, NorCal races.  Despite having a full complement of riders Webcor failed to reel her in, and Cal Cup favorites Jane Despas (Yahoo) and Susannah Breen (Fremont Bank) also came up short against the Fulton Freight Train


    Of course I still have no idea on Cal Cup standings but by his own reckoning Evan Huffman is in the lead in the Men’s Category and I assume Jane Despas and Annie Fulton are going head to head in the women’s Category.





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    3 Responses to Cal Cup Get’s Cool

    1. Wheels Out
      August 23, 2011 at

      Great race for Annie. She is racking up the victories.

      I think Rikke (pictured Metromint) was actually third at San Ardo. Not sure who won, though.

      Exending a great weekend for Metromint, Kelly Crowley rode to an excellent 5th place finish in the time trial to Maroon Bells in the Aspen Women’s Pro Stage Race. An impressive result against top-notch competition in her build to the Para-cycling world championships on the 8th-11th of September on Denmark.

    2. San Ardo Reporter
      August 23, 2011 at

      Well San Ardo w 1/2/3 race had a strong showing of RED Racing. Its great to see some many people excited to race in August. Where is everyone else?!?! It started with a monster attack from Trish Black (RED Racing) who found herself off the front for about 30 miles. Jane Despas and April Hamlin did a lot of the chasing to bring her back. Once she was caught RED launched more attacks and a counter got Christine Riker away through the last lap. Christine stayed away for the win since the field was tired of working to bring people back. Into the finish Michelle Melka (RED Racing) sprinted first to the line followed closely by Rikke Preisler (metromint), Mary Maroon (webcor) and Jane Despas (yahoo).

    3. Cal Cup Calculator
      August 23, 2011 at

      W1/2/3 cal cup calculator. these are not official because there are no official cal cup results. but…from my math after san ardo here’s the list. Mary Maroon (webcor) takes over the 3rd spot

      Jane Despas (yahoo)- 63
      Michelle Melka (RED Racing) – 46
      Mary Maroon (webcor) – 38
      Jane Robertson (metromint) – 26
      Christine Riker (RED Racing) – 26
      Anna Barnesfeld (missing link) – 22

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