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    Winters RR

    The men’s race was won by a resurgent Marc-Pro Strava who have been falling just a few feet short in the last few Cal Cup races.  Marc-Pro Strava’s Keith Hillier won the 96 mile slug fest out of a break of six, a break which saw several casualties that last lap.  (Thanks to @regulorry for the men’s updates.)

    The women’s race was won by Touchstone’s Marley Smith who won a two up sprint from Metromint’s Jane Robertson.  Metromint jammed up the chase pretty good and was able to take 3rd and 4th ahead of Webcor’s Mary Marron.  The pack got some pro tutelage from Giana Roberge who gave the field some choice feedback on how to ride hard. Once a boss, always a boss.

    Vacaville RR

    The women’s race saw a stacked field with the Cal Cup and Prestige series contenders show up to square off against big guns like Olivia Dillon (Peanut Butter 2012) and Katheryn Curi Mattis (Webcor).  Despite some aggressive riding by Red Racing, Webcor, and Susannah Breen (Fremont Bank Cycling), the race came down to a field sprint which was led out and subsequently won by Olivia Dillon how put the hammer down in the final corner and was able to hold off Katheryn Curi Mattis (2nd) and Jane Robertson (3rd.) Robertson has to be looking good for a run at Jane Despas’s Cal Cup lead after two podiums in two days.

    By the time the men’s race rolled around the Central Valley heat kicked in and the boys mind games started before the race.  Rand Miller set up a pre-race kiss for Evan Huffman in an attempt to throw him off his game.  Despite the head games both Miller and Huffman threw down with some efforts at the front, but it was James Mattis (Cal Giant) and Justin Rossi (Marc-Pro Strava) who managed to make their break stick to the finish.  Mattis took the win over Rossi, which begs the question… have James Mattis and his wife KCM turned into NorCal’s best hope to beat the SoCal Crit Monkees at their own game?  Thanks to @yu_kie and @regulorry who tag teamed tweets from the race making the coverage as thorough as what we were getting from the Colorado Pro Dork Fan Fest. (Which was great twitter coverage provided by @podiuminsight i might add.)




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    1. Cal Cup Calculator
      August 29, 2011 at

      update from the calculator. after winters and Vacaville here’s where w 1/2/3 unofficial results.

      Jane despas – yahoo- 80
      mary maroon – webcor – 63
      michelle melka – RED – 54
      Anne Fulton – metromint – 53
      jane roberston – metromint – 53
      fiona strouts – stanford – 36
      rikke preisler – metromint – 36
      christine riker – RED – 26
      Susannah breen – fremont bank – 24

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