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    As one commentator said… if you can’t find results does the series even exist?  It is an important philosophical question i pose to the NorCal cycling community.  It is up there with the important ones like.

    1. Is masters doping something we should care about?

    2. Should NCNCA secede once again to form their own cycling union?

    3. What is the best port-a-potty company, and as a community do we have enough klout to black ball the offenders who skimp on toilet paper and cleanliness.

    4. Will timing chips ever work in the land that invented silicon and google?

    It is important that we keep mulling these questions over and over since there is an answer that we have just not identified yet.

    Anyhow… here is what I have so far thanks to contributors.


    Mary Maroon photo by Jon Suzuki

    Holy crap!  Mary Maroon (Webcor) took it seriously and got down to business over the weekend.  Maroon managed a top five placing at all the races over the weekend putting her in the lead according to The Cal Cup Calculator.  A Cal Cup victory has been a strong indicator of women on the move, so it will be interesting to watch Maroon next year as she tries to move her cycling to the national level.  Below are the results as estimated by our contributor The Cal Cup Calculator.

    Mary Maroon – webcor- 98
    Jane Despas – yahoo – 87
    Jane Robertson – metromint- 59
    Michelle Melka – red racing – 54
    Anne Fulton – metromint – 53
    Fiona strouts – 49
    Rikke perisler – metromint – 46
    Susannah breen – Fremont bank – 46

    courtesy of The Cal Cup Calculator


    Justin Rossi (Marc Pro Strava) was throwing everything he had at Evan Huffman’s (Cal Giant Cycling) lead.  Despite Rossi’s efforts, after Huffman won the Esparto TT his lead should have been intact going into the Giro SF which he was skipping in light of his upcoming asian tour.  If anybody has the final tally, or wants to tally it up, give us the skinny!



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    9 Responses to Current Cal Cup Research

    1. Linda Elgart
      September 7, 2011 at

      Re: chip timing. The TimeYourRace.com people who do Sacramento Cyclocross have flawless chip timing. It can be done.

    2. Mike Hardy
      September 7, 2011 at

      Mary was the P12 BAR for 2010 as well, and won the 2010 NVGP pro ride…and even with those results, there was potential for more, – e.g. her 4th in the Giro on Monday was 1st in the field sprint while Mattis was up the road (so she couldn’t really have done more)

      For the guys, no offense to Rossi at all but if Huffman doesn’t get it, he was robbed!

    3. MattC
      September 7, 2011 at

      Don’t get me wrong, without Velo Promo there would be very little racing in California. These guys are amazing. It’s just head scratching why this series appears to be promoted on the front end but no results on the back end. It’s like being 16 stages into a Grand Tour and nobody knows what the GC standings are.

    4. Cat 3 Cal Cup
      September 7, 2011 at

      The final standings can be found here:

    5. The Prez
      September 8, 2011 at

      Our results czar, Ken Hernandez, dutifully calculated this series but Velo Promo was unable to post the results online. Next year we will track this contest on NCNCA.org just like we do for the Premier Series and Points Series.

    6. September 8, 2011 at

      WTF! Just send them to me! I got mad online posting skills…. norcal@love.com.

    7. September 8, 2011 at

      ken is great. he is so excellent with getting results posted; we are very lucky to have him.

      i think given that calcup is a promoter created series (not an ncnca series like the premier or points series), that the responsibility for posting results and promotion should lie with the promoter. that, or, other promoters should be given the opportunity to create series & have results tabulated & posted as well. the cccx might like to have their series standing posted, or i have always thought it would be neat to have a tuesday track series standings. however, i don’t think ken should have to compile these results and make series standings without receiving compensation to do so. whether that compensation should come directly from the promoter versus the wider ncnca is something to consider. given that some promoters are clubs (i.e. ncnca members) and other promoters are companies (velo promo, project sport, e.g. not members)should also be considered.

    8. Cat 3 Cal Cup
      September 8, 2011 at

      Final Cal Cup results can be found here:

    9. TimB
      September 12, 2011 at

      Agreed, it is the promoter’s responsibility and I spoke to him directly about that. His excuse was lack of skills to get the results online in a readable format. I hope that he comes up with a solution next season so that riders know where they’re at, and are encouraged to participate.

      I also encouraged him to work with bloggers like you guys to get the word out and talk up the stories that a long series like this can generate.

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