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    I think Cyclocross Magazine is more obsessed about KCM than we are.  It makes me feel jilted, but Bikes To Rawanda is a great cause so check it out.

    Katheryn Curi Mattis & Ritte’s Cyclocross Bikes by Josh Liberles

    Katheryn Curi Mattis apparently has a hard time staying “retired” from competitive bike racing. Curi Mattis—who won the 2005 US road race national title and the 2008 Geelong World Cup road race, and is one of the top American roadies of the past decade—has lightened her racing load this year and transitioned to more of a mentoring role for developing athletes in the Webcor program. But her competitive itch coupled with Bikes to Rwanda’s humanitarian mission of providing cargo bikes to Rwandan coffee farmers conspired to get Curi Mattis on a ’cross bike for one of the country’s biggest events.


    Send me race reports from the weekend cross freaks and lonely road riders.  I have more Interbike videos for next week so hope to get more news up other than who came in second this weekend.



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