• 2011 US Track Natz – The Women

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    Photo By Thomas Good

    BY HERNANDO! – secretly posting on Facebook!

    The women’s race … may have just gotten very, very interesting.

    Rumor is that Sarah Hammer may be out sick … which basically throws the entire race into a tizzy of ‘wholeyshit, i just might.’

    Cari Higgins wasn’t registered … but if she doesn’t pony up the hundreds for this race, it’ll be a crime. Higgins is the favorite on paper for the win in this event … as she’s exceptional in the flying lap, 500m, and very, very gritty in her mass starts. But, will she enter?

    Last year’s podium rider, Jennifer Triplett is leaner and meaner this year and working off of 6500ft living for the past couple months. awww yeah, Triplett is hungry for it. She’s a solid flying lap and 500 rider, and can always, ALWAYS dig out a scratch result … the question will be if she can pop off a big PR in the pursuit. She’s hungry for it … but hasn’t specified for it. She’ll have to do it with balls.

    My own Beth Newell has specified for the pursuit and is aiming for a big result in that discipline. Her flying lap could be super smooth, too … so, it’ll likely come down to who’s going to bring the brass tacks to the mass starts in deciding who takes the top steps on the podium. Beth is still developing, and coming off a racing season that started January 1st and hasn’t stopped since … but, she’s ready. Real, real ready.

    Colleen Hayduk … this is my favorite up-and-coming rider. She’s a phenomenal tactician and technical rider … able to find wheels and wholes like she was born out of Carney’s womb. She’s put in some good road racing this year, and it’s showing in her form already. Just watching her these last couple days you can see that the engine is bigger, more confident. I very much look forward to seeing if she can crack a strong pursuit … she doesn’t have to be great in the TT … she just has to be strong. Because her 500 is going to be stellar, and her mass starts are going to be shining. I look for Hayduk to better her 5th from last year. Big time.

    Hanan Alves-Hyde is coming into speed. Big speed. There’s only a few riders that have the acceleration of Hanan … when she turns the screw, it goes deep and splits wood. But, she’s late this year in building fitness, so it’s going to be a massive test of her toughness to keep her scoring against the big engines massing for this year’s Omnium. Hanan will be on the podium, though.

    Lauren Hall – the true darkhorse, but already showed a few cards last weekend at the final pre-Natz race at ADT. She’s wicked tough, super smart, and will absolutely be ready to dish out some pain. This could be the woman who takes the gold if Hammer really is too sick to race. Big darkhorse … like Trojan style. Can’t wait to see this thing shake out.



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