• 2011 US Track Natz – The Mens and The Boys

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    Photo by Garrett Lau

    BY HERNANDO! – secretly posting on Facebook!

    For the men … the class of the field has to be Jame Carney and Bobby Lea. To say Carney is in superb shape is to call the kettle ‘black.’ Lea’s results from T-Town recently speak for themselves … but, this is the show – and Carney has brought the guns (including a 59t chainring). Some would tip Lea in the timed events, and Carney for the mass starts … but, after seeing the butter melted over the last two days of Carney on his TT’ing rig … lookout. This is going to be a massive battle.

    But that’s the thing with the Omnium – there are 20 other guys out there giving it full gas and trying to take David’s aim at any Goliath within a stone’s throw.

    Zak Kovalcik is here again … but who knows what kind of shape he’s in, or what events he’ll actually race. If there’s no prize money, Zack rarely gives full disco to his wheels. But, he’s the crowd favorite … well, the portion of the crowd with tattoos, piercings, and a clue to what’s cool. So, he’s my darkhorse to make the podium+ this year. That’s … IF he’s been training. The lazy fuck.

    Larry Nolan is here, too. And just because he’s 106 years old doesn’t mean he can’t whoop the shit out of most of these ego-bags. It’s a long order for him to win any of the events … but he’ll be consistent and you just might see the legend sneak up high on the final standings. Very high if he’s spot on.

    Austin Carroll is here and has been sticking his flower out in Lo-Cal of late … attracting a bit of buzz. But, since he was taking 1/4 lap pulls a few weeks ago while in a break with my girlfriend at a LAVRA cup race … i won’t say he’s on my list of favorites for the podium. But if you wanted to watch one of the craftiest, explosive riders in the US – put your eyes on Carroll … and do NOT underestimate his tenacity. This guy can rise above when there’s a crowd to inspire him.

    Cody O’Reilly is the perennial hardman … and just oozes talent. Mosty i just am glad he’s racing cuz that means his dad’s rad hair may show up.

    Charles Huff … holey shit, Huff is going to race this thing. There’s only two words to describe this beast: game-muthafuckin-changer.

    If there’s one guy who can spoil the Carney/Lea party … it’s this destructo-bot. The race got interesting when this boy entered.

    Kit Karzen – yup, the golden boy of SoCal will be strong. He’ll be smart. He’ll turn himself inside out at just the wrong time. What a talent. Let’s see if his brains trump balls this year. Cuz his got big clangy ones … and they can get in the way, yo.

    My picks?
    1. Carney – on experience, and anger cuz he wasn’t listed in the USUCK pre-race write-ups.
    2. Lea – by a whisker and a disgusted glance.
    3. Huff. or, he wins.



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    1. Blake
      September 28, 2011 at

      watch out for Cody O. That guy has been shredding it the past month or 2 in spite of the falling apart of the Mens ouch pro track squad. He’s my bet for the overall omnium.

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