• Beth Newell: Omnium National Champion

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    Ed. Note: I have often told Beth Newell, who won the Omnium at National Championships last night, that she’s one of the few people I regard as funny as I am.  For those of you who now mock my declaration of humor, I will have you know, I possess both professional stage and comedy training… but it was in Canada. Which I think makes it worth more.  Either way… Beth has recounted her final, winning ride, in the 500m an subsequent testing by the USADA.   The post is pretty awesome.  I’ve excerpted my favorite bit, which i like for it’s true yet funny nature, and put it here to encourage you to read the rest.   On top of it all i found out only yesterday she’s dating Hernando! … nobody tells me anything.

    Excerpt from On winning a national title & getting dope tested”

    Then came part three: declaration of supplements.

    USADA GUY: what supplements do you take?

    bethbikes!: uhh, i take iron pills

    USADA GUY: how often? when was the last time you took one?

    bethbikes!: uhhh….when i remember.

    USADA GUY: how often is that? when was the last time you remembered?

    now, how does one honestly answer this question.? i think the most honest answer would be: i remember to take my iron about as often as i “remember” to do my core work. which would translate into: “three times a week on a good week, but once every 6 weeks is not uncommon.”




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