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    1. PDyer
      October 2, 2011 at

      The cycling world invades Santa Rosa yesterday and this is your 10/1 headline story? I’m sure is funny to those that know this guy or his fans in the photo, but really?! Love your blog though, big fan.

    2. Mike Hardy
      October 2, 2011 at

      PDyer – I’d put even money on this site making the most of user-submitted content for events they’re not at. It’s pretty local, right? You have a write up on the fancy century? Did some local KOM the pros (with a strava link to prove it, ha)? Any drama worth reporting (like last year’s truck buzzing) or did people just pedal around?

    3. PDumbnuts
      October 2, 2011 at

      I have to agree with Hardy on this one. Tasting Fondo in santa rosa and following a little bald guy who is a real bad ass on a bike, while you admire his tight little ass in spandex is big, yes. Yet, that photo looks funny and is there for a good laugh, just like wheel sucking little Levi is, a good laugh. Write your own report and tell us about the drama that went down in a Fondo tasting affair on the open roads in S.R. ….. makes for good reading I am sure, because after all it was the entire world of cycling invading

      I think the riders in the bare breasted photo are the Junior studs from the santa cruz development team. these kids have had a great year, are the future of cycling in Nor-Cal and good for them to have fun at a race and do some silly things. We need more photos like that and riders doing that exact stuff. If we can only get the Women racers to strike that same pose! please!

      Personally the real reports need to come in from Track Nationals baby! Thats what is the big story. Or a report from the Oakland Crit, where the morning races were contested on a slick, wet, ice skating rink filled with potholes, and at the end of the day a local boy went solo for a incredible win over Bahati, Dominguez, and Jacques-Maynes.

      see you at the Track PD

    4. October 3, 2011 at

      I didn’t get the photo either, but it saved me a day from having to write anything. I agree… Track nats is the big story. For a real report from Oakland check out rand’s post at http://counterattackingreality.com/

      Beth also had a good write up of her Omnium win at Track Nats on her blog at http://bethbikes.blogspot.com/

      I think Levi won the Grand Fondo right? I think Velo News covered that event. That’s so mainstream it’s kind of out of our orbit at this stage of our development Lyne might put up some of her photos though… http://www.podiuminsight.com/

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