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    Matt McNamara has a flair for publicity… He’s brought crit specialist Rand Miller onto his CX team, which is pretty clever considering crit guys often make strong cross riders (ex. Adam Myerson).  Then last night he put on a sweet cross clinic with Euro interloper Joachim Parbo down at the bay lands.  I’d say the man knows his marketing… well to cap it off he’s got an article in Pez News on what I can only paraphrase as “Critical Thinking and Analysis for Cyclists.” Basically it’s like ‘Lit Crit’ for bike riders i think… excerpt and link to full article Below

    We’ve all heard the aphorism “Know Thyself.” I would challenge all of you to ‘Know Thy Source.” Look at every piece of information with a skeptic’s eye. It is a central tenant of the scientific mindset that we so fully embrace here at Pez! Read lots, but do so asking several important questions of your reading:

    First, is the writer credible? Unfortunately, these days it is easy to look at a by-line, see a bunch of letters and awards after a name and ascribe competence to that author. However, like lawyers and doctors there are good and bad writers, experts and “think they know’s” in every area of cycling.

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    1. Matt
      October 19, 2011 at

      Thanks Hellyer – I’m feelng pretty pro today! Heads up to nerdy bike types…if you search the Toolbox archives on Pez you can read any number of other articles I’ve written over the past few years. NorCal stalwarts Bruce Hendler and Marvin Zauderer are also contributors. Lotsa good stuff in there…

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