• Weekend Update – Freakshow Time

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    Image by Ted Ketai

    BASP Sierra Point Night Race and Other NorCal CX Action

    BASP Sierra Point CX was customarily cool with a lively tent city and even livelier HecklerGate up in the dirt jumps area.  Apparently several hecklers from the road scene ran afoul of the NorCal CX Code of ethics with their animated and somewhat alarming actions.  While all in good fun I suppose it’s time to create a NorCal CX Heckling Rules list so that we don’t get shut down like one of our old leader’s, the now retired Josh Snead, Occupy protests.   The event was dominated by the usual suspects, Rock Lobster’s Aaron Bradford, and Rambuski Law’s Karen Brems, who won the respective events.  Again full coverage can be found NCNCA CX site run by the Shakespearian Dusty Downs. Prize for single best photo goes to Ted Ketai who nailed runner up Scotty Chapin who did his bit to rock HecklerGate with some serious air time.

    Off the Back Photo

    Part time racer, ever present photographer, and full time freak, Rob Evans showed up with his artist hat on at Sierra Point and captured some wicked shots. If you are not on Facebook this is as good of a reason as you are ever going to get to check out some cool shots of NorCal night racing.   JUMP TO ROB EVANS FACEBOOK GALLERY

    WTF Kits

    Slonie/SupCat/CX Comic started taking aim at the Tumblr blog WTF Kits who were both lifting photos without credit, much like i have lifted above, and taking a good run at the Pucci inspired Sheila Moon kits.  It’s actually a pretty funny site, and worth checking out.  At least he hasn’t gotten all self righteous like the the aging @uci_overlord.  Slonie will be providing me with full daily, life coverage from the Single Speed World Championships next week… right Slonie?

    The Big “Freak” Show

    It’s not going to get much better than this.  I cannot think of a town more equipped to deal with The Single Speed World Cyclocross Championships, than San Francisco.  It’s the birth place of all things freaky cool…. Pride Parade, Folsom Street Fair, Grateful Dead, you name it if it’s about dressing up, having fun, and being awesome it probably started in SF.  For a full list of events check out the website at http://www.sscxwc2011.com






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