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    If you are not on Jono Coulters publicity fire hose, he’s brought Ruth Winder onto the Vanderkitten team. Winder was in purgatory last year after ending a promising run at Peanut Butter, and then breaking her leg in a horse accident in the spring.  She’s an amazing rider and will be an exciting addition to Emily Collins finishing kick.  Podium Cafe is rumoring there will be another big Vanderkitten signing… maybe another Aussie seeing as how the big US folks seem to be committed.

    Beth Newell

    Speaking of Vanderkitten, Beth Newell is not going to Vanderkitten after all as previously reported.  She’s going with the Now Novartis program, who put together a national championship with Robin Farinha last year.  Looks like Now-Norvatis is stepping up their game brining back Farinha, Samplonius, and brining on Alison Powers too.  Looks like a great stepping stone for Newell who impressed many, except the US Track coach, by winning the Omnium and Points Race at US Track Nationals.  For the record, i’m not Hernando so I can write about this shit as much as i want.


    The last vestiges of the Webcor pro program appear to have folded.  Rand Miller, the only producer on the men’s side, is moving onto greener pastures, pun intended, while the Women’s Bridge Team (Maroon/Wombat) has disbanded due to contracting budgets. A whimper ending for one the coolest programs in the United States, let alone, NorCal.

    Steven’s Bikes

    In their place a new women’s team, Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimco. has popped up under the guidance of former beleagured NCNCA president Bill Nicely.  It kind of looks like Touchstone 2.0 with Elis, Pryor, and kinda Mary Maroon, who’s also kinda riding for Rouse/FCS out of Texas. Just received word from Mary Maroon she’s full on Rouse/FCS, team captain y’all, will not be riding for Stevens, and (this is my extrapolation) is helping the Steven’s team in an advisory capacity, in a roll which is yet to be defined. Looks like Mary Ellen Ash is going to Steven’s too, first year teams are rocky but with an experienced roster it might go smooth.  Good Luck Bill.

    Counter Attacking the Word “Signing”

    Further on Webcor news Rand Miller sent and email to his club and announced he would announce his new “signing” soon.  Aside from the clear over use of the word “signing” by amateur club riders in Northern California this is really the only news I’ve been interested in other than finding out where Gaurnier and Olds were going.  After all the build up Rand is going to Cal Giant? I’m not sure how i feel about that.  I don’t see it.  It’s sort of seems like getting bought by Google – great prestige factor, okay money, and you are never seen again until you resign with a flourish.  Plus – the personality combo of Rand Miller and James Mattis sounds combustible, which on second thought, is just the kind of fire works we need around here. Taking on Rand is like hiring a reality TV star for the Sunday night news, who knows what he’s going to say.  Will he play it straight?  Will he get crazier?  Whatever… this should all be good foder for his blogging.  His last two posts have been awesome – cross and Cal Giant look like they they have rejuvenated his creativity. See the Nemesis post for some funny stuff.

    NorCal Big Shots

    On the Olds and Guarnier topic…. Megan “Mega” Gaurnier, who’s Italian win was the biggest NorCal win last year IMHO, is sticking with NorCal’s TIBCO program for next year, along with Amanda Miller, who both appear to have just missed the Lulu Lemon train.  Shelley Olds left her Italian team after Bronzini came aboard as the top sprinter, to take up a spot on the Dutch AA Drink leontin.nl with Kristin Wild.  I think that’s cool.  Olds seems more Dutch team, than Italian team anyways.

    I’m still trying to dig up a few other NorCal “signings” if you hear anything let me know… norcal@love.com




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      Now we only have one more million dollar question to answer…Where will Pat Briggs be riding?!?

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