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    2008 Sydney UCI World Cup Winner, 2010 tour De l’Aude Stage Winner and 2005 USA Cycling National Champion Katheryn Curi Mattis is set to join Berkeley, California based Vanderkitten-Focus. One of the most experienced and accomplished US athletes in Women’s Cycling, Katheryn- who ended her professional racing career with Webcor will take on multiple roles at the upstart Vanderkitten-Focus squad.

    According to Vanderkitten-Focus director Jono Coulter, Katheryn will act as Co-Director, as well as a training and racing mentor to the squad, which will include 5 athletes under 23 years of age in 2012. As she did at the 2011 Cascade Classic, Katheryn may race the occasional NRC event providing hands on tactical advice to the team whilst bolstering the squads firepower on some of the tougher race days.

    “The addition of an athlete and mentor with the pedigree of Katheryn Curi Mattis to the Vanderkitten-Focus lineup is something that Vanderkitten Founder Dave Verrecchia, team Captain Jennifer Reither and i have looked forward to for a long time. I am so excited it is someone as friendly and down to earth as Katheryn. She is family.” says Jono Coulter.

    “The single most important thing that our young athletes ask for time and time again, is to be guided more closely in races so that they can learn to instinctively react to things in the correct manner. With Katheryn, we have someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the Women’s professional peloton, who has gained the respect of all the top athletes and who still has the fitness to be able to show our riders what to do in a race situation. With her knowledge and strength, and the raw ability of some of our younger riders, we couldn’t be happier with how the squad is looking for 2012”.

    Katheryn will continue her role on the Executive Committee with the Webcor/ Alto-Velo Cycling Team where she is a lifetime member after close to a decade riding for the Webcor Women’s Team. Webcor/ Alto Velo is committed to¬†helping spread Bike Safety and Advocacy awareness, also a primary aim of the Vanderkitten Athletics program.




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