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    It was hard to keep up with all the going ons this week.  I’m just trying to deal with the cold so normal updates took a backseat.

    The NorCal Olympic Long Team

    Thanks Podium Cafe for the awesome graphic:) You must get paid for this stuff...

    Much to our delight the USAC didn’t screw up at least on thing this year and put Mega “Mega” Guarnier on the long team.  Turn’s out she’s an automatic qualifier based on points she earned by winning the Giro Toscana, one of the biggest wins in US women’s history. Ironically she was NOT on the world championship team that went to Denmark this year.  Why was she not on it, even after Kristin Armstrong (team player!) pulled out  (#twss) of the road race, in a fit of anger after being displaced by Amber Neben in the TT?  That is a mystery….

    Shelley Olds, who is switching Euro trade teams this year, was also named to the long team.  London would be a good race course for her if she can recapture the fire that lead het to a hot 2010 season.  Hopefully a new home base and team can rekindle her winning ways.

    So far the USAC endurance track program brain trust,read Ben Sharp, is ignoring Beth Newell, despite her wins at Track Nationals this year. I suppose you don’t HAVE to send every national champion to represent the USA at UCI World Cups but you would think when a rider shows as much promise, dedication, and enthusiasm as Newell you might try to get her overseas for a few of them.

    SSCXWC Rapha Scandal

    Is this the same Julie Krasniak? Holy Mother of God!

    So… the Pro Rapha-Focus contingent of Chris Jones and Julie Krasniak skipped out of the victory celebration finale – specifically getting their winners tattoo.  Apparently it’s a scandal with opinions, graphics, positions for and against.  I’m pro-relegate… I like how Stevil of Allhailtheblackmarket.com put it together (check this link – the comments are awesome.)

    One speeding is dead, long live one speeding.

    Agree with me or not, I just loves me a periodic debate about nonsense, especially when it involves a single gear. Even beyond that, I find it notable that I’ve never before written about a topic where at the start, I possessed a mild concern, and by the time I was finished, I felt a general sense of apathy. That my friends is catharsis in action.

    To sum up my feelings:  It is completely irrelevant, and stupid topic to debate and get upset about, therefore, it will be occupying most of my waking moments and engender strong feelings.  Much like the way i feel about california high speed rail.  That said… it does seem like a commercially-opportunistic-in-an-ungentlemanly-kind-of-way-thing-to-do for Rapha to skip out on the ink like that.

    Team Specialized: Old Enough to Bark, Young Enough to Bite

    The geezer all star squad, Team Specialized, put out their roster this week. Rather than speculate on how the old men with speed will dominate the Master 45 road races I’d like to point out the remarkable things this crew does for their juniors program.  Larry, Billy, and company pull together a serious crop of juniors each year and give them a remarkable opportunity to race across the US, Canada, and even Europe.  They juniors tend to be disturbingly good in local races so here is the new crop of half-men and munchkins you will need to look out for this year.

    Returning Junior Team Members, 2012 Racing Age, 2011 Championships

    • Chris LaBerge, age 18
    • Marcus Smith, age 18
    • Dean Haas, age 18
    • Kyle Torres, age 18, ITT State Champion (Southern California)
    • Diego Binatena, age 16, Road Race State Champion (Southern California)
    • Jack Maddux, age 15, ITT National Champion, Criterium and ITT State Champion (Northern California)
    • Matt Valencia, age 16, Road Race State Champion (Northern California)

    New Junior Team Members

    • Oliver Barajas, age 16
    • Nick Castellano, age 15, Road Race State Champion (Southern California)
    • John Christensen, age 16
    • Sean McElroy, age 14, Road, Criterium, BMX and MTB National Champion, Road Race State Champion (Southern California)
    • Jason Saltzman, age 16

    I feel like there was more random news but for the life of me I can’t remember what any of it was.  oh yeah….


    USA Cycling State Championship categories for Men, Women, & Juniors will be the following groups.

    • Elite Women
    • Single Speed Women
    • Junior Women 18 & under
    • Masters Women 35+
    • Masters Women 45+
    • Masters Women 55+
    • Elite Men
    • Single Speed “A” Men
    • Junior Men 10-14
    • Junior Men 15-18
    • Masters Men 35+ “A”
    • Masters Men 45+ “A”
    • Masters Men 55+
    • Masters Men 65+

    That is 13 divisions battling it out for the coveted California State Champion winners jersey.  Which for the first time in NCNCA history is being awarded to the champions at no charge to the rider.

    Thank you to the NCNCA for this gesture to reward Nor-Cal Cyclocross!

    Also the 2011 District Championship race will have a Women’s Single Speed division for the first time ever.

    History will be made at the Central Coast Cyclocross race this Sunday at Toro Park, the NCNCA Cross State Championships!

    I don’t quite get how history will be made but NorCal Championships are hot no matter what the event.



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