• NorCal Christmas: Gift Ideas #2

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    Some more NorCal cycling gift ideas for the desperate shopper.

    Haute Linx – Jewelry made our of bike parts!  Hanan does this stuff…its kind of like painting rice, way too cool and delicate for your normal bike geek to attempt.

    Clean Bottle – The man is a marketing genius and created something so useful it’s gone big time.  I bet Rand has some bottles with his cartoon doppleganger on them you can get as cheap stocking stuffers. No Logo!  I dunno what that means but, still – support Rand, and Clean Bottle, and get some clean Rand bottles.

    SportVelo – Local coach and bike fitter Dan Smith has branched out into Cyclesoles, which are custom inserts to improve your fit.  Located in Menlo Park Coach Dan can take you up a notch.

    Sterling Sports – Matt McNamara is another local coach located further south in the Peninsula.  Matt offers a huge array of programs, from seminars to team packages.

    Savvy Bike – Velogirls founder Lori Lee Lown’s new venture combines fitting and skills clinics.  A great idea for your new friends just learning about cycling.

    Strava – Awesome gift for the cycling geek or ultra-competitive family member who is always racing you up the hill.  Plus, i think Dan Connelly likes it.  Apparently this combined with the Garmin Vectors would be his recommendation, which is pretty solid.

    CX Magazine – Produced in the bay area CX Magazine has become the source for all things cyclocross in the US, and surprisingly, in Europe as well.  Support the cause and get your loved ones all a subscription.  Convert the world to CX!

    Cycles Fanatic – the website isn’t pretty but the bikes and equipment that Phil Roberts is putting out sure is nice to look at.  In addition to killer prices on high end carbon equipment Cycles Fanatic is also a huge supporter of the local road and cross scene.  Will be interesting to watch his teams grow the next few years.

    Vanderkitten – you can’t go wrong giving your girl a piece of Vanderkitten clothing.

    Northern Cross – I can’t remember if i plugged this book my Tim Westmore in Christmas Ideas #1 but it’s worth checking out twice.  Especially if you show up in one of the photos… what could be a better gift!

    That is all the ideas i can whip off quickly.  If you have any other suggestions shoot them over, there are so many great companies and entrepreneurs in NorCal I’m not getting





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