• Kachorek Wins First Folsom Crit of 2012

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    ED. Bill Nicely sent me a great report on the women’s race from Folsom Crit.  If you have a report or team announcement that you think would make a great article for the NorCal Cycling community shoot it over.  

    Folsom Bicycles Plus Early Criterium saw over twenty women take the line on this course that sees three races held each year. Emily Kachorek, three Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo, five Touchstone Climbing, three Rio Strada, two MetroMint and two Los Gatos women were among the riders in attendance.  Early on there was little action as the women took the first few laps to warm up under overcast skies that kept threatening sunshine.  After about three laps a surge at the front found a contingent of six pull away from the field in what looked more like a pack split than a breakaway.  With Stevens Bikes, MetroMint, Los Gatos and Touchstone Climbing all represented the break for the day was set as every team represented stopped working in the pack. In the break were Emily Kachorek (Primal/ Map My Ride), Heather Van Sickle (Stevens Bikes), Marley Smith (Stevens Bikes), Marissa Axell (Touchstone Climbing), Nina Strika (Los Gatos) and Amanda Seigle (MetroMint).

    Little action transpired for a a good chunk of the race with the exception of several primes won by Marley Smith, Carol Irving, Korina Huizar and Heather Lipana.  Korina, from MetroMint looked convincing in her prime win, and should prove to be one to watch in the women’s peloton.  Once the lap cards appeared it was time to separate the slow and fast twitch women.  Heather Van Sickle started things off a vicious attack that only Emily Kachorek could cover.  Their lead over the other four breakmates grew each lap and they would eventually lap the field.  With five to go Marley Smith said goodbye to her break-mates after taking advantage of a free ride due to a teammate up the road. Marley would separate from the break and use the remaining time to get about half a lap on the pack.

    There was confusion in the peloton as the duo of Van Sickle and Kachorek lapped the field.  Immediately Van Sickle struck with an attack off the front but Kachorek was quick to respond as the race wound down and the lap cards ticked off.  With one to go Emily Kachorek fearlessly took the front of the race, and as the peloton reappeared she was still in front.  Stevens Bikes made a last minute failed attempt to close the gap as Heather Lipana piloted Heather Van Sickle through and to the front of the peloton. The two break-mates took first and second in the field sprint with Emily Kachorek winning her first race of the season punctuating her comeback from a serious shoulder injury.  Heather Van Sickle looked confident throughout the race and demonstrated remarkable race form after more than a year away from the peloton.

    Meanwhile in the race for third through sixth, Marley Smith breezed across  the line solo while Amanda Seigle struck early in the sprint but was not able to hold off Marissa Axell and Nina Strika who closed the jump at the line for a three way photo finish that saw Axell then Stryker then Seigle crossing the line in that eventual order.   It is a beautiful thing to watch teams racing tactically as teams and I could not be more proud of NorCal women’s racing in general and the Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo women in particular. ~ Bill Nicely

    I’m sure you’ll be able to read an amusing report of the men’s race and all the almost pro’s on Counterattackingreality.com sometime next Friday night when the young budding perez hilton of cycling get’s hammered on his weekly beer.  That is… read it before his team shuts down his site.  Until that time here is what I have …from @regulorry – Lorry Huffman who is a great race tweeter.

    Bunch sprint Joshua Carley from Michal David Winery wins. @TheStaz takes 2nd in the Pro/1/2 Folsom Crit.  Most aggressive rider award goes to @randmmiller and Hutchison




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