• Spring Classic Kick Off: Schneljing… errr Snelling

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    There is no doubt in my mind that the transition from Pre-Season to full tilt racing starts with Snelling. The men’s field is always stacked with an assortment of pro’s and Norcal super teams. The women’s field has been dominated by the top US team, read TIBCO, the last few years who traditionally use Snelling as a tune up for Merco. The course is simple, a big flat loop, but weather and riders make the race.

    Cal-Giant has their usual armada registered to race.  The good news is that while they always register 10-15 riders, only 5-7 usually show up since they feel shame.  That’s the good news. The bad news the few that show up will eat your young while you find a nice cozy spot in the gutter.  The only team showing up in force to challenge the domination looks like rejuvenated Mike’s Bikes outfit.  Of course the Jacque-Mayniacs could show up and destroy the will of all comers.  Let the battle commence!

    In the women’s race Stevens Bikes, Metromint, and Red Racing, who all have early season wins, will be squaring off against an assortment of random pro’s from Vanderkitten, Optum Pro-Kelly’s Benefits and Primal-Map My Ride. The women’s races usually fill up at the last minute, so 28 pre-reg riders is a strong turn out for an early season race. Without TIBCO around to put the hammer down it is time for the locals to regain the glory and create some fireworks

    Below are some Snelling articles worth checking out, which as you all may or may not know, have been trending up as riders get their research done for this coming Saturday.

    2010 Snelling Tips and Hopes

    NCCN legend Hernando goes through what you can expect and how to play the game at Snelling. One of the best articles written on how to race the kick off to the NorCal Spring Classics.

    2011 Early Season Hotness… Drenched 

    Something went wrong with the original article, by hernando, so I had to republish without graphics – it’s a shame because the graphics were hilarious and the were a shit storm of classic racing infighting about fee’s, promoters, and Hernando’s political outlook on life.

    Original Article (If you can get it working or tell me whats wrong) http://norcalcyclingnews.com/2011/02/24/early-season-hotness-drenched/

    2011 What Snelling Tells Us About Merco 

    Great recap of the 2011 edition of Snelling by Hernando. Essential research for those looking to score this year. Hernando even reports on the masters race which marked his comeback to racing and retirement from blogging.

    Course Preview: YouTube Video
    Taken from the bike of a Cat 4… God Help Us All.




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