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    It’s no secret I’m disappointed that Kenda/5 Hour Energy didn’t get into the Tour of California.  It sucks, but it’s great to seem them out on the roads tearing it up like it doesn’t matter.  There might not be a TOC for women yet but the big race on the block that’s going to make a huge difference to teams and riders is going to be the Exergy Tour.

    The young Ruth Winder (Vanderkitten-Focus) holds off challengers on the field sprint

    The young Ruth Winder (Vanderkitten-Focus) holds off challengers on the field sprint

    I saw a note today from Vanderkitten that they are mobilizing support to get one of four remaining spots.  TIBCO and Exergy 2012 are obviously in as well as the NorCal heavy NOW-Novartus, and Optum.  The enttires are mix of big shots (Lululemon), national teams (Canada), and random euro teams (Faren Honda.)   In theory there are four more spots and with no clear selection criteria there is some weight being given to “Fan Vote.”

    I’m not too sure how many US women’s teams, other than Vanderkitten, have the resources to run at a major stage race like that.  All the comes to mind is Primal-Map My Ride. There are other good women’s regional teams but nobody that could take a serious run at a major race like this.


    Here are my top reasons to include Vanderkitten.

    1. Best Kits Going – They look 10x better than anything else going.

    2. Live Updates – DS Jono is a master of the live race tweet

    3. Fear The Aznac Connection – The Bridie/Collins connection can be a spoiler.  A good TT could make Bridie a darkhorse GC contender, and Collins is on the verge of a breakout NRC sprint win.

    4. KCM Comeback – It could happen… we all know she can do it.

    5. T-Shirts – VK Dave will come up with a cool t-shirt we can all buy in celebration of their entry and pending tage win.

    Since it’s the inaugural running of this event i know there are bound to be some bumps in the road but it would be a shame if VK and Primal didn’t make it in.   Things like, not re-writing the team bio-grapphies from their broken english, doesn’t make anybody look good and worries me that the management will make some weird decisions… like inserting a team of collegiate riders or something.

    Come on... help a Belgian out. Just take a minute to get their nice little note edited.


    Show your support… bombard, blast, and tweet our NorCal teams and riders into the Exergy tour.




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