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    SF Spring Classics 2.0

    If Sea Otter isn’t your thing, and by that i mean, you object to paying $11 kajillion dollars for parking, it might be time to look at some of the alternatives.

    In March we did a quick piece on the SF Spring Classics being put on by SSCXWC promoter, and party bus owner, Murphy Mack.  The Nortbay version of Murphy Mack’s signature road bike trail adventure ride, that’s not really a race, but is filled with guys and gals in racing gear, is scheduled for this coming weekend.

    Since our scheduled writer bailed at the last minute I had to content myself with third party accounts of the epic conditions and parcours.  It sounded hard, mean, and unforgettable.  Just like a classic should be.  Read up on the last race below and register for this week’s version at the SF Spring Classic Website.  Pre-registration is a must, and the only way to get your seat secured on Murphy’s party bus.

    If you need and adventure bike…

    If you are in need of an Adventure bike you might take a look at Fort Bicycles.  A group of Fresnoites banded together and took over the Fort Bicycles label and are putting together a direct to consumer business along the lines of Williams Wheels.  Fort is  currently advertising on the site and since i like to try and kill two birds with one stone I caught up with these entrepreneurs as part of our attempt to spot light NorCal industry folks.  Fort is a hand made Czech bike that has been big on the cyclocross circuit since the early 2000’s.  The new Fresno team comprised of Max Orendorff, Edward Lund, and Darren Johnson, are looking to take this once grand label and reboot it from a pure CX thoroughbred to a modern adventure bike that can tackle events like the SF Spring Classic.

    With classic European geometry the Fort is designed for Euro style CX racing which is less punchy, and more varied, than it’s American counterpart.  I will put together a full report down the road but for now the new owners are just getting up and running and want NorCal to know there’s a new player in the house.  Given the growth of the adventure “race” circuit i thought it made sense to get the word out.

    And of course you have to look good…

    This one is totally a random since i’ve only seen pic’s, a few links, and have an unreturned list of interview questions to the owners… but i think it looks cool.  A small East Bay team launched Cedar Cycling which is selling California made merino wool jerseys and base layers. You gotta love the made in California angle, and the classic design make it a center piece for any adventure, or old hipster, rider.  The jersey’s hefty price tag, $160, puts it in the Rapha Collection territory but given that the last SF Spring Classic had cold & wet conditions it’s probably not a bad investment.  Murphy Mack was giving it a huge thumbs which is how it caught my eye so my curiosity has been piqued.  Check it out and let me know what you think…



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