• Sea Otter Crit today … and Folsom Crit this Sunday!

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    Hello sports fans!

    I’m still not recovered from the man-waste laid upon me from last weekend’s Chico Stage Race … but, I still can’t wait for this Sunday’s Folsom Bikes Criterium.

    I think the Folsom Prison Guards, er … , I mean the Folsom Bikes Masters team is out for blood and some sweet revenge after we escaped their clutches at Chico.  The Folsom Bikes Crit looks to be FILLED fields and a beautifully fast day of racing.  REGISTER NOW if you haven’t already.  It’s going to be a sell-out.

    I’m hoping to find a ride to the race from my LangeTwins p/b GBI teammates.  Racing is fun!

    I’m also hoping to get a chance to test-ride a Leopard bike … here’s my review of the DC-1 from last year.  John Novikoff hinted it might be possible with his new big-hitter team having a bunch of Leopard rides.

    I’ll also be doing some scouting in the category 3 and 1/2 fields for U24 riders in the coming months.  For 2013, our LangeTwins p/b Great Basin Imaging team MIGHT be looking to add a few men U-25 riders to help advance through the ranks.  Our dear leader and fashionista, Jason Brown, has given the tentative OK to start thinking about it … but, we need to approach our sponsors and see how much we can do.

    But, the rough idea is for our team to have a small group (perhaps 5) under-25 aged riders absorbed into our LangeTwins p/b Great Basin Imaging team for 2013.  The goal of this project would be to give the selected riders support for NorCal races, and guiding them to their next stages of development.   We have a lot of category 3 and p1/2 riders who can assist them get upgrade points, learn advanced team tactics racing, and get help with the brass tacks of getting to races.  We’ll likely be looking hardest in the Chico, Reno, and Central Valley area.

    The 2013 goal would be to advance riders from our team to larger outfits like Cal Giant, MarcPro Strava, Mikes Bikes, Fremont Bank, and other top p1/2 squads.


    Sea Otter 2012 Opens …Kenda/5-Hour Energy!

    Andy Jacques-Maynes wins the SO Crit … in front of at least 2 fans.  Well, at least 1 … cause somebody took this picture.

    AJM and the Kenda/5-Hour ... US domestic wrecking crew of 2012

    Beth Newell of NOW/Novartis and NorCal fame was sitting top6 in the field sprint for the women, but clipped a pedal sprinting out of the final turn.  DOH!  But she put herself in the position to podium, and that’s a huge step in learning how to race at the NRC level.

    I have to take a moment to brag about my girlfriend for a minute.  Beth Newell is doing her first professional ride … and is making ALL the steps necessary to become a champion.  It’s so hard to ask a rider in their first year to do so much … but, from her slaying herself in the Pan American Championships road race for Shelley Olds and Amber Neben, to her 3 Bronze Pan Am medals on the track, to her top-20 at Redlands STRAIGHT FROM PanAms … this is a woman who will be CRUSHING the US scene in the coming years.

    I’m so proud of all the work Newell has done.  Kenda/5-Hour’s NorCal SuperPro, Roman Kilun, is shocked that I put Newell’s brakes to rub for training rides, but he’s all good for being her technical/pro coach for the coming season.  A guy like Roman Kilun could be one of the best Director Sportif’s around when he’s older … but, unfortunately he’ll probably go on to practicing law when he hangs up his cycling shoes.  bummer.

    Anyway – Kudos to my best friend in the world, and best athlete I’ve ever coached … Beth Newell.  Look for her to scrub off all the road rash from today’s LEARNING EXPERIENCE and bust balls in the rest of the SeaSlaughter events.

    GO GET ‘EM, Newell!

    EDIT: Alison Powers wins again!

    NOW/Novartis wins another race.  Thanks for the steal, Podium Insight!

    Alison Powers wins Sea Otter Criterium! ... and look, there's fans.




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