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    I think we should make a concerted NorCal effort to tweet and Facebook the hell out of this event.  The ideal scenario is we overload the Tour Tracker servers, assuming they actually stream the race.  If they don’t i suppose we will just have to light up the #atoc hashtag and let them know it’s something we want to see more of. Let’s give them some hard metrics on how well women’s cycling can do in this day and age.  Do it people… retweet this sucker and let’s show some support.

    The Amgen Tour of California Women’s Time Trial Race will begin at 11:10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 17, with the women leaving at one-minute intervals. The men’s competition will follow beginning at 1 p.m. PDT. The women and men will navigate the same 18.4-mile course. ~ Amgen TOC Website

    Here’s my take on the race…ripped the start list right off of Podium Insight (which will likely be tweeting the race as it goes on.) Follow Podium Insight on Twitter for actual live race coverage and insights.

    Start list for the Amgen Tour of California Women’s Time Trial:

    1. Alison Tetrick (Exergy TWENTY12), USA: Home town favorite!  Go NorCal!  She’s good for top 5, maybe podium if she’s cranking. My emotional pick for third place on the podium.

    2. Tayler Wiles (Exergy TWENTY12), USA: One of the “Young Ones.” She’s up and coming so probably not going to bust this one out but a name to watch in the next few years.  The next olympics she’ll be the the boss i bet.

    3. Kristin Armstrong (Exergy TWENTY12), USA: I don’t think Armstrong loses when she doesn’t want too.  Given there is TV present and Olympics is right around the corner I be she wins by at least 30 seconds.

    4. Emilia Fahlin (Team Specialized-Lululemon), SWE: Seems like an odd addition to me.  I assume they are trying to get Fahlin back on track, and frankly she adds some serious glam appeal.  Is she still dating Phinney or did i make that up in my head.

    5. Loren Rowney (Team Specialized-Lululemon), AUS: NorCal Aussie in the House!  Stevo has had some big rides this year.  Another one of the “Young Ones” Stevo is a bit of an all-a-rounder with a big kick.  It’s good she gets to test her legs under the bright lights with the big guns. She’s got a big month coming up and i think she could take a stage at Exergy  Tour or NVGP if she heads that way.

    6. Bridie O’Donnell (Vanderkitten-Focus), AUS: Bridie rules twitter with an iron fist.  She’s had a slow start this season but she’s  TT expert and came over JUST for some of the high profile TT events like this and Gattineau.  Expect her to be prepared.  My darkhorse pick for third place on the podium.

    7. Janel Holcomb (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies), USA: She’s one of the quiet pro’s thats at the top of the NRC standings through out any given year. She can’t topple Armstrong but definitely can sneak onto the podium.

    8. Jade Wilcoxson (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies), USA: Holy crap talk about meteoric rise.  Two years ago she was on the NVGP Composite team now she’s a top 5 pro at stage races.  Huge engine, could be a surprise finish if she’s ratcheted up the fitness another level.

    9. Alison Powers (NOW and NOVARTIS for MS), USA: When she’s hot she’s only second to Armstrong, and right now Powers is hot. This former skiier will have the course dialied in and will be ready to go. Second place to Armstrong.

    10. Robin Farina (NOW and NOVARTIS for MS), USA: US National Champion!  She there to wave the flag… a total pro, and decent TT’er.  I don’t think she can climb onto the podium but she’s got Hermione like bottom less bag of tricks she might be able to user in this high profile event.

    Time to talk this one up people show #atoc  we want more more women’s racing!



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