• Team TIBCO Bike Stolen On Eve of Exergy Tour

    by  • May 23, 2012 • womyn on weels


    1:15 PM PST Boise Mayor reports that all bikes have been recovered. Citizen tip aided in recovery. ~ Tim Westmore

    12:40 PM PST Police have recovered 6 bikes stolen from women’s pro racing team in Boise ~ Idaho Statesman

    10:28 AM PST Reports on the internet today are flying with news that Team TIBCO’s trailer was broken into and cleaned out of 14 Specialized Amira’s and all their wheels. This is horrible news for NorCal rider Megan Gaurnier who is entering the Exergy Tour as one of favorites, and is using the Exergy Tour to help solidify a spot on the 2012 Olympic squad. We’ll keep posting updates as we get them. Obviously keep your eyes peeled and report anything suspicious internet or bike sales activity to the Boise police. I’m sure the Idaho State Police and Governors office will be working hard to recover the bikes given the high profile nature of the event and that the Idaho Lt. Governor was schedule to speak along side Megan “Mega” Guarnier and Kristen Armstrong this afternoon.






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