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    Exergy Tour – 25 May 2012

    NorCal Cycling News asked a few racers, with connections to Northern California, about their thoughts on participating in the huge event that is The Exergy Tour.

    Alison Tetrick (Exergy Twenty12)
    “It’s a pretty incredible experience to be here. I got here late and walking in I felt like I was in one of the big stages in Europe. They treat us [incredibly]. It’s important for me to be here as well; our title sponsor Exergy is fronting the bill for this race. It just shows what our sponsor does and how [Carkulis] is definitely putting his best foot forward for women’s cycling. It’s very special.”
    Role in the Tour: “I am here to be the best team member I can.”
    Most Anticipated Stage: Stage 2 Time Trial

    Emily Kachorek (Primal Map My Ride)
    “It’s totally awesome, I am really excited to be here. How could you not be? It’s the biggest race in the US. Just looking around the riders that are here it’s such an honor to even be here and racing the same peloton with them.”
    Role: “We’re one of the smaller teams here so we’re going into the races opportunistically.”
    Stage: All of them

    Flavia Oliviera (Forno D’Asolo Colavita)
    “I am very excited to be here. It’s been an exceptional event so far. Lot’s of very strong riders and lots of strong teams represented here.”
    Role: “It will be hard to contend with the heavy hitters.”
    Stages: Mountain stages

    Devon Gorry (NOW and Novartis for MS)
    “It’s just exciting to have a race like this in the States, to have our team be able to be here. It’s really exciting to have all the teams over from Europe and all over the world.”
    Role: To help the GC leader
    Stage: “They’re all going to be good ones.”

    Megan Guarnier (Team Tibco – To the Top)
    “This is a big step for North American cycling with [bringing] a 2.1 to the US. It’s bringing the other European teams over here. I’d love to see in the future more of these UCI races on US soil. Bringing the top competition over here is an incredible step for us.”
    Role: Take it Day-by-Day
    Stages: “All of them – I just love racing.”

    Beth Newell (NOW and Novartis for MS)
    “It’s been very exciting with all the show of the race and all the riders whom you normally read about. It’s really exciting to be able to race in such a class field.”
    Role: Domestique for our GC leader
    Stages: “I am looking forward to them all.”

    Bec Werner (Primal Map My Ride)
    “I’m just pretty excited to be here. I got a late call up so just to be here is, yeah, really great.”
    Role: Do a job for the team
    Stage: Prologue



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