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    Touchtone Climbing Women Elite Team

    Are you ready for Memorial weekend racing?

    Mt. Hamilton Classics Road Race Road Race  is this Sunday!  The course is a 63 miles road race with about a total of 6000 feet elevation gain.  This is not an easy course but very well loved by all.  Racers start at 8:00 am and on.  Definitely an epic race to spectate.

    Not to mention that it’s also the race for NCNCA district Elite Road Race Championship title and a qualifier for the Nature Valley Pro Chase stage race for the elite pro men and women.

    Checking out the pre-registration list for Mt Hamilton Road Race, there’s a dominating team in the Pro Women 1/2/3 category so, aren’t you curious on why they are planning?  This just means one thing, an interview!  Can you feel the NorCal feistiness on these ladies?

    Here is a quick pre-race interview with the Touchtone Climbing Women Elite team about the race this Sunday!

    Flandria: Mt Hamilton Road Race is a local classic NorCal Race and considered an epic race.  Without giving too much away, what is your teams overall strategy or focus in this classic race?

    Touchtone Team: We’re entering this race with a couple riders fresh from Mariposa County Stage Race, which featured a field of local strong women racers and a bunch of climbing.  I’d say our overall focus is keep as attentive as possible and sneak one of our top racers into the lead selection.

    Flandria: What do you think would be some of the challenges in this race i.e. heat, wind, climbs etc?

    Touchtone Team: I think the heat is less of a worry than the wind! Wind will definitely shape how the riders race this course. I understand that many times the few strong riders that escape early are reeled in during the long headwind section. It’s always a gamble. Of course the climbs are long, and the descent is one of the most technical in the bay area, so those two will factor into the race too.

    Flandria: Do you think there will be an early break or a late break or a bunch sprint in the race this Sunday?

    Touchtone Team: I’ll bet many early breaks will form, I’m unsure if any will feature the right combo to stick.  It seems the race usually comes to a smaller select group before the winner attacks to finish solo.

    Flandria: Where do you think the decisive move will be?

    Touchtone Team: Several spots come to mind; there’s a few steeper sections on the main Hamilton climb, there’s the isabel creek climb, and there’s the climb after the junction, oh and don’t forget that descent, it will favor those girls with excellent handling skills and nerves made from steel.

    Thank you to Marissa Axell representing the Touchtone Climbing Women Elite Team for the interview and good luck this Sunday!




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