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    Exergy Tour
    28 May 2012

    The Exergy Tour returns to Boise for its final stage. Yesterday the race ended in Idaho City; NorCal Cycling News took some time to ask a few persons about the Tour.

    Leslee Shenk Trzcinski, A World Champion in Cycling and Commentator on the Exergy Tour Tracker
    “It’s really the best race on American soil with the UCI ranking and with the olympic-year. The racing is phenomenal with the depth of the field. For Exergy Development Corporation to bring this race to the streets of Idaho, after having two women challenges back in the 80s, and Kristin Armstrong helping to shepherd this almost single-handedly, is a testament that this is a catalyst year for women’s pro racing. [The racing has been] absolutely phenomenal. For [Laura Brown] to valiantly come across [after her crash] right at the end and even Kristin Armstrong getting up and finishing with that broken shoulder just shows how tough they are and [all the racers are] ready to be respected as true pros.”

    Debbi Taylor, Tour Volunteer
    “I think it’s fabulous. Absolutely loving it. Having these international racers here is so important for our community and cycling community. I’m on a local racing team here in Boise and it’s just nice to have these women here as an example for us to follow, something to aspire to [in] our own racing. We’ve raced against Kristin here in Boise and it’s just amazing that they [she] can get right back up and start racing again.”

    Ginger Fields, Old Time Photos, Idaho City
    “[The Tour] brings awareness of our community. The people that it brings in adds to our tax base, it’s good for growth. I think its a good competition. We’re so proud of Kristin [Armstrong]. Idaho is a wonderful cycling-state.”

    Kevin Taylor, Athletic Trainer, St. Luke’s
    “It’s been a lot of fun. I haven’t worked much cycling so this has been an interesting event for me to work. [I wasn’t aware] as much as I am now; I knew it was out there from watching the olympics. Mostly you hear everything about the Tour de France so you don’t hear a lot of women’s cycling. This is definitely something that has opened my eyes more to it, to know how much of it is out there and what it’s like. It has been interesting to watch and I’m amazed at how quickly they can move on their bikes, especially in those pelotons. It’s amazing to see the drive that they have to finish the race that they started.”

    Tina Smith, Idaho City
    “I thought it was a lot of fun, very exciting. We had a great time watching all the racers come through. We were just having a blast with that, it was very exciting. It was fun to have all the people come through and see different people coming in and out of the area.”




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