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    The Kenda Pro Cycling p/b 5 Hour Energy has been presenting a strong front on the domestic race scene all year.  First year pro and Norcal regular Nate English has been exceptionally strong in several time trials this year, even winning the Sea Otter event.  English placed 5th in the US Pro TT Championship Saturday behind David Zabriske making him a marked man by the pro teams for the next few years.  Nate took some time to answer a few questions on Sunday, between championship races.

    Credit: Barbara Dowd

    How did you feel going into the TT on Saturday?

    I felt good going into the US Pro TT, but the heat concerned me. I feel like my fitness has been slowly building and that every week or two, I have had some good training rides or races that I’ve felt indicated that I’m getting stronger. I had a few good workouts coming into the races this weekend, so I knew my fitness was good enough to give a few efforts that are up to my current potential. My main concern was just how well I would be able to address the heat here in Greenville, because it’s hot and is an issue for everybody, but also because in the Bay Area we never see the same heat that other parts of the country get on a regular basis.

    What was your goal for the day?

    Going into the TT, I felt that I should definitely be in the top 10 and would be disappointed with anything below that, but I was shooting for a top 5 or a podium spot. I knew that I had the fitness to ride fast, so obviously, for any TT the goal is to put in your best effort and ride as fast as you can with your current fitness level. That’s really all I wanted to do, and I feel I did that. That’s all that you can make sure you do at any given race, and I knew doing that should get me a good result. Realistically, I think that 5th is about as good as I could reasonably hope for given the depth of the field, but I’ll never assume anything about what I’m capable of until I see the final results.

    You must be pleased with the outcome!

    I’m definitely pleased with the result. I feel that a top 5 is quite respectable and for where I’m at now in my development, it’s probably about as good as I could assume I’d get. Getting on the podium would be possible right now, but it would take some other guys faltering for that to happen, or some sort of special and perfect ride on my part. On the whole, I feel like I did the best ride I was capable of, so really, I feel I did as good as I could have at this point in time.

    Are you guys ready to throw down at the road race?

    I’m looking forward to the road race. I know that my team is quite strong and that I’m feeling okay on the bike, so I think we can do well. It’s hard to say how the race will unfold, though, because there can always be some minor surprises. On the whole, we have a very respectable team, and one that I’m really impressed with and proud to be a part of. We have a lot of fun and have been getting good results all year, so hopefully we keep it going on Monday at the road race here in Greenville.



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