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    Let’s admit it.  Pro cyclists legs are very nice to look at.  In fact, most of us work hard to have muscular and defined leg muscles right?  A lot of hard work on those sets of guns.  It just doesn’t show up out of the blue.

    It’s even a wonderful experience to ride behind a pro rider specially when it happens to be a sprinter.  There’s a lot of things that come into mind, wattage or power, fast twitch muscles, shape of the calves, quads, clean shaven, the many miles it pedaled, the beautiful way it moves, the way it contracts when they sprint and so on.  It’s a beautiful sight!

    So, we get our ass up at the crack of dawn and head to the gym for some heavy duty strength training.  We train hard and furious riding and doing intervals.  We eat clean to get lean.  We let our legs recover as number one priority.  The legs dictates how we go abouts every day.  It’s all about race day!  Madness!

    It is all worth it.  It’s fun!

    There is one thing bike racers can do to enhance the look of those beautiful legs.  No wattage talk here, just cosmetics.

    Note that I am not endorsing these products nor do I get any fee for this tidbit, however after a few product tries traveling around Europe to get that nice glowing and energized legs – these two are favorites and deserve to be talked about.  Expensive, yes but there is a surprisingly cheap alternative to get the same effect.  Read on…

    The first one is the Elite Ozone Energy Oil.  Mind you, Jan Ullrich uses this product when he raced for T-Mobile.  This oil is nice and feels great on the legs.  It definitely makes the legs glow and at the same time energized before a training ride or race.  A nice leg tanning solution because it doesn’t have any sunblock.  Love that shine.  Here are it’s key features:

    • Massaging with this product, rich in ozonized sunflower oil, gets muscles ready for physical activity, it helps to increase performance levels and at the same time, fatigue, cramps and/or muscle contracture.
    • Specifically designed for sports massage, it’s a very fast absorbing oil, it’s not greasy and leaves no residue, penetrating deeply into the skin.
    • To be used prior to a competition or training and should be used at least 20 minutes beforehand. It can also be used after any physical activity, enhancing psychophysical recovery from fatigue, thanks to its tonifying and energizing action.

    The next favorite leg tanner and energizer is Qoleum Pre Sports Energizing Oil.  Extremely similar to Ozone but it doesn’t have the stronger odor.  Try going to the gym with a strong leg energizer odor!  Here is it’s key features:

    “Improves the blood flow in the muscles before competing, a real start oil!  The combination of black pepper, pine and mint gives a light warming, relaxing effect, next to a stimulation of the circulation.

    Can be used in combination with one of the EMBROCATIONS or without anything else. Our oils are so fine that they can be used sparingly, they give a superb view on the texture of the muscles and keep away water and dirt from the skin!”

    Okay, Ozone and Qoleum aren’t cheap, they kinda smell and don’t provide sunscreen protection but pro bike racers use it to get the legs going before a training ride or bike race.  It definitely gives the pro-bronze tan look!

    For those who cannot afford shipping and price but want to get the same effect with additional good features such as better odor, sunscreen protection, not as greasy and a cooling effect during the warm times in the sun.  Try Lubriderm Moisturizer with Sunscreen.  It’s cheap, too. Easily purchased at any US pharmacy stores.  Just ride your bike to the store to purchase it.  No shipping cost.

    SPF 15 will give you a light bronze tan on a warm day and at the same time protects your skin.  It smells good and after a few hours in the sun sweating, it has a cooling effect.

    Summer is here. Bike racing is every where.  We all deserve to show off those hard trained legs and feeling like a pro bike racer eh?

    Show off those legs!





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