• Nation of Flandria: 21 Days Sabbatical

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    Top Ten Tips to Watch the TDF 2012: 
    Sabbatical Dates: June 30 – July 22
    1. Bookmark the free online live links.  Get it here: CyclingFans.com and Steephill.tv  There will be some advertisement on the feed from the two websites will provide.  It will annoy the crap out of you but hey, it’s free.  Relax and enjoy each stage with English commentators that won’t be quite as biased as Phil and Paul. Sure, you can also watch the recorded version on TV.  Actually, that calls for a TDF party, however watching it live will feel like being there live, not kidding…
    2. Set expectations to family members, neighbors and co-workers.  This is somewhat important making sure everyone knows that you are in a 21 days sabbatical mentally from normal life.  Live coverage starts at the crack of dawn and those mountain and sprint stages can get you off you seats screaming your lungs out early morning.  Set a time of about 2-3 hours in the morning or evening if pre-recorded to mentally focus on the stage race.
    3. Take note of rest days.  These are the days where everyone in the peloton takes a break and so should you.  Everyone around you should know because these rest days are your normal days.  Sleep in and recover for the next days stage.
    4. Dust of the trainer or set up the trainer in a secluded but Wi-Fi connected room.  One can easily do an easy spin for a couple of hours or try doing some intensity by looking at the efforts put out on the mountain stages or that final kilometer in a sprint stage.  Try doing the effort on the trainer of the break aways.  Be creative to get some training in while watching the tour.
    5. Get motivated with European food.  Buy some French wine, baguette or any French food to serve for dinner.  If the stage is in Italy or in Belgium, you can find recipes or food information about those country to serve your family and friends.  Have fun and enjoy it while watching the tour.  Describe the towns each stage will start or end at to everyone.  A great icebreaker or not, whatever.
    6. Prepare you favorite team kit, cap or any accessories.  This is super fun and way to represent your favorite team.  Get pumped up!  Just like the Super Bowl, this is the Super Bowl of cycling!
    7. Gather information.Find all stages here.  Share info to your friends on facebook for discussions.
    8. Prepare for detox.  Yes, after 21 days of a Grand Tour bike race everyone will need to detox.  Sleep in.  Recover.  Ride with friends.  Take it one day at a time to get back to being your normal self.  Let family and friends know that you are on detox for another week.
    9. Optional:  Get higher speed connection on the internet either short term or forever.  The last thing you want is for the live feed to crap out at 200 meters on an uphill finish on the biggest mountain stage.  Who wants that to happen, eh?!!!
    10. Make up for the 21 days.  Be prepared to do things with the family – seriously dude/dudette!  Start paying attention to work, you know…job – instead of checking cyclingnews.com every 2 mins on a conference call or in an important meeting.  Offer a spa treatment to your loved ones or let your guy (if you are a gal) enjoy the time with you. Sex is now allowed.

    Hopefully, these tips help you enjoy watching live or pre-recorded as we approach the biggest race of the year!  Viva la France!

    PS:  Some folks pre-record so put “Spoiler” notation on your facebook status if you want to state the winner.  Not easy not to blurt it out!



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