• Nation of Flandria: Lemon Lids

    by  • July 2, 2012 • too random

    If you haven’t tuned in to the Tour de France, the next time you do check out the funny looking helmets in the peloton this year.  Although, if you look back over the years they all look funny.  What’s with Cavendish’s yellow helmet?  Last I heard is that only the yellow jersey can wear a yellow helmet?

    Today’s finishing last 2 km was narrow with a lot of bumping.  It demonstrates a sprinters ability to fight for position going at lightning fast speed.  Just watching the sprinters make their movement and seeing the peloton swaying around can cause vomiting.  Skinny Cavendish getting a better draft and moved his way up behind Eisel’s wheel.  Yeah, Cav isn’t really contesting for the Green jersey.  Right.  Greipel, the giant was half a wheel back feeling defeated like David and Goliath.  Damn you Cavendish.

    Ehem…let’s not forget the other big race, Giro Donne!

    Let’s just say Marianne Vos is a rock star!  There’s no stopping this lady from winning everything she can possibly imagine.  Yesterday’s stage seemed like more of a recovery stage because today, Vos made a lethal attack with 10km then solod away for the win.  Evelyn Stevens is second overall and is now over a minute beind Vos.  Vos definitely “rocked” it as her jersey says so!  What is this woman made of?

    If these two races don’t make you want to train harder or at least “pretend” to look the part…not sure what would!



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