• Le Tour Shark Jumped – Cal Cup Time!

    by  • July 18, 2012 • Cal Cup

    Since Le Tour has pretty much become a Pink Panther movie at this point it’s time we get back into the swing of all things local. It’s time for the biggest, most famous, most prestigious race series that NorCal has to offer.  Sure… you snicker when you realize i’m talking about Cal Cup but I still think it’s a cool event. The winners of the Cal Cup series is a”whose who” of Elite American racing. I’d wager that more than one NorCal hot shot (Huffman, Gaurnier, random Exergies and Canadians) will show up for some racing as a tune up for Worlds in the Netherlands.

    What do you get for winning the Cal Cup? I don’t think it’s public knowledge it’s so awesome. You probably get an extra t-shirt and $15, but I think it’s the dream that is important. The thought that after one of these miserable Tours in France, you can sign up for your own flogging week after week at scenic locations all around Northern California.

    • Suisun? That place could be nice with a fresh coat of pain and a few less psychics!
    • San Ardo?  Who doesn’t love the kids chasing the water bottles!
    • University RR? Why is this race so hard… only the strong need apply.
    • Challenge Road Race? Only the climbers that haven’t done it before show up… skinny stupid pansies.
    • Giro Di San Francisco? Correct me if i’m wrong but i think this is the only road race other than the Tour of California that’s still in SF no?

    It’s only a few weeks again. Time to get predictions down now as crit season wraps up.

    Tallest Trophy In the World...For Reals


    • Warnerville Time Trial Knights Ferry, CA 8/4/2012 open on line at www.BikeReg.com
    • Patterson Pass Road Race Tracy, CA 8/5/2012 open on line at www.BikeReg.com
    • Dunnigan Hills Road Race Yolo, CA 8/11/12 open on line at www.BikeReg.com
    • Suisun Harbor Criterium Suisun City, CA 8/12/2012 O
    • San Ardo Road Race San Ardo, CA 8/18, 2012 open on line at www.BikeReg.com
    • University Road Race Santa Cruz, CA 8/19/2012 open on line at www.BikeReg.com
    • Winters Road Race On Line entries open 7pm July 17
    • Vacaville Gran Prix On Line entries open 7pm July 17
    • Challenge Challenge Road Race On Line entries open 7pm July 17
    • Esparto Time Trial On Line entries open 7pm July 17
    • Metromint Giro di San Francisco On Line entries open 7pm July 17



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