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    Cascade is pretty much the last major hurrah for US women not going to the Olympics or the World Championships. This edition is not without excitement worthy of all you geeks about to freak out when Le Tour ends.  Kristin Armstrong has proved that she’s in top form going into the London Olympics with two TT victories and a road race win.  US National Champion and NorCal favorite Megan Guarnier placed second behind Armstrong in the first road race, McKenzie Pass Road Race, and is in the hunt for a podium spot behind a bunch of TT specialists.  Today at the Cascade Lakes Road Race upped her 2013 earning potential with a third place finish out of a day long break. A quick recap form Hernando Beth below…

    The hardest thing of the day was getting a break to stick – I was lucky to be in the one that finally did.  It was about 20 mile of downhill, then about 20+ miles of constant attacks, until there was a good composition.  We worked well together, but as the gap got too big, some of us then had to sit on, as our GC riders were threatened by Andrea Dvorak.  We came to the base of the climb with over 2 minutes.  There was a hard attack immediately, and we went down to four people (dvorak, albrecht, fortin, myself).  Being the non-climber in the group, I didn’t know how long I would last.  I was the first to fall off, but then fortin fell off, and I was chasing andrea and lex, hoping I could catchup when it leveled out.  With about 1 mile to go, rachel warner caught me, and we played some cat & mouse, but I out kicked her in the sprint.  Ali powers kept 2nd, so it was a good day for us! ~ Beth Newell

    Looks like it’s turning into  a good race for the NorCal crop of Pro, Neo-Pro, and old pro women.  Lindsay Myers is sitting second in the Best Young Rider category and has a good shot at the top 20.  The fledgling Stevens p/b Pactimo team is putting in some digs with guest rider Flavia Oliveira who sits 16th on the GC.  Vanderkitten has a rider up there too… you won’t believe this but it looks like Katheryn Curi Mattis is keeping the pace with the pros up at Cascade.  While Mattis is on a little vacation jaunt she’s sitting 12th in the GC less than a minute out of the top 10.  KCM probably got worried Armstrong would take away her “Hardest Woman in Cycling” title and took the week off of work, running, and swimming to let her old rival know she’s still in town.

    Men’s Race

    I’ll grudgingly admit the Bontrager Livestrong boys are looking good.  Not so good i’d take back all the horrible things I said about them.  I mean that stuff was all Grade A funny stuff.  However,  if they, as in the Livestrong-Bontrager team, could win this race for Craddock I’d be impressed.  Dombo already is a stud, if he can breath some of his fire on Lawsaon Craddock (who should be a Texas Marshall with that name not a skinny cyclist) the Bontrager Livestrong team could walk away with a solid US stage race GC win.  Of course, that would make me puke since it that would mean they are young-awesome-pro-cycling-guys, so I’m putting all my hopes and dreams behind Nate English who sits 5th in the GC.  With only a crit and circuit race left English is running out of road to try and claw back any time.  BJM (16th) and AJM (17th) are punching each other in the nuts trying to stay in the top 20 and Fast Freddie is not far behind in 19th.  Max Jenkins is quietly hunting around the edges for a few seconds to try and break into that top 20 so I’m giving him an honorable mention.

    Le Tour is played out so I’d tune into the Cascade Cycling Classic if you want some actual drama and exciting racing.

    Pro Results Here



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