• M5: Murphy Mack’s Best Event Ever?

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    The Mendocino Woodlands State Park… home of amazing lush, swoopy, tacky loamy trails that go screaming in and out of big redwood trees. No big rocks to speak of and climbs that undulate gently through the woods… no protracted fire road slogs. Why has there never been a race here before?? It’s not for lack of want. The Woodlands are home to three big cabin campsites. They have big groups camping here all season long and it would be impractical to host a race and compete for space with groups that are renting out the park. Solution: rent out the whole park. We did just that. We have cabin camping for 300 people with hot shower and dining hall facilities. NOW WE CAN RACE HERE! Never mind that the cabins and cleaning fees alone are $11,000 (yes, eleven thousand!). The park is a Forest Wonderland. It’s nestled back in a canyon that’s remote and quiet. People come here to get away. We are creating our own Endor for everyone to ride and race in.

    Also, if you’re tired of baking in the heat wave in the Sierras and Valley, it’s going to be a perfect 72 degrees and sunny all weekend long. Bring your clear or light colored lens and leave the dark ones in the case. Whether you want to race, ride or both we’ve got it for you. There’s over 150 miles of singletrack to explore with rides for every skill and speed laid out.

    Catered farm-to-table mostly organic meals served all weekend long too. All you have to do is get here and we’ll handle the rest.

    This is a family friendly weekend with kids activities too so pack you bag, grab your friends and family and your bikes and join us!




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