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    Derek, a rock star!

    I got a chance to personally meet Derek Wiback last week.  Derek Wiback is the sales representative for Pactimo.  Derek personally came by my home to pick-up the fit kits and offered to send it back to Pactimo.  That was really a nice gesture and very much appreciated.  We stood in the heat of the sun by his car as he showed me some of the new 2013 kits launching the 1st of September.  A true salesman, product showcase anywhere and anytime!  We chatted about the new features of 2013 and I was in awe on some of the improvements I saw on their kit.  I was a customer of Pactimo three years ago and was curious to know where they are today.  So, an interview was in order.
    Flandria:  Derek, tell me more about your passion in cycling and what made you choose Pactimo as a company to work for?

    Derek:  It is a long story.  I started racing when I was a junior in Chicago. The weather made it difficult to ride consistently, so I moved to San Diego. I quickly realized how great of a city it was and knew I’d never leave.   I then joined the San Diego State University cycling team and made friends in the cycling community that I’ll have forever. The friendships are what kept me in cycling.

    Derek, a great dad to two beautiful daughters!

    As for Pactimo, I actually got a call from my boss Karl about 5 years ago when he found out I was leaving SockGuy. I was leaving to become a stay-at-home dad. Pactimo offered me a great opportunity to work from home and raise my daughters at the same time. I was their first outside sale rep and many of my SockGuy customers were my first Pactimo clients. What really sold me on the company was their honesty and commitment to the customer and their employees. I’ve always prided myself on my customer service and so does Pactimo.

    Flandria:  It sounds like 2013 Pactimo kits will be crazy awesome and it’s coming out in September.  Can you tell us more about the new improvements on Pactimo’s products that will stand out againsts your competitors in 2013?

    Derek:  Yeah, I’m really excited about the 2013 line. It’ll be available Sept 1st and we have a lot more ladies specific gear, more winter items, and over 75% of the garments have been altered slightly or completely redone. Early this year a fantastic product manager joined our team from a rather large Boulder based company. She brought years of expertise to an already well established crew. Our development team are all women and they love bringing new products to market. You’ll see many more carbon infused fabrics, and some other really trick gear, but the biggest improvement will be the expert tailoring of the fit. We call it ‘articulating’. All the clothing will have an improved bend and ability to flow with your body while on the bike.

    a little teaser…

    Flandria:  You mentioned about Pactimo’s improvements and the importance of Customer Service.  Share us your insight about Pactimo’s Customer Service today compared to the past.

    Derek:  Yes, of course.  We we’re the first to offer the Online Team Store service about 5 year ago. It has continually improved and we have even bigger plans for added features soon. The customer gets full transparency and power to offer items to their team members all year long. With our fast delivery, 5 weeks or less guaranteed, new members can get their clothing quickly, the riders can be more seasonal with their buying, and the teams reduce their inventory risk to zero. No more left over inventory at the end of the year. I’ve seen many teams turn this capability into increased revenue, sponsorship and membership.

    Our plan from the beginning was to have a full time staff dedicated to the artwork and online store process. Our account managers in Denver are available during regular business hours and I’m available 24/7 if any issues ever arise. This full time staff allows me to focus one supporting my teams events and special needs up and down the West Coast.

    Over the years we’ve been able to not only improve the quality of our clothing dramatically, but delivery time keeps getting faster. In the last 2 years when we dropped to 6 weeks and then 5 weeks delivery, and we’ve been 100% on-time.

    Flandria:  Wow, those are great improvements!  Where do you see Pactimo in 5 years?

    Derek: I see our European presence growing quite a bit, something many American companies have had trouble doing long term. We have a great German and British sales force and the demand for our products is increasing every year. Since we are a manufacturer we have endless possibilities. I’d love to see us expand into other sports, but as for right now the demand for our cycling and triathlon products is ever increasing and we’re going to stay focused on that.

    Derek’s first bike!

    Flandria:  I am curious, what is your first bike?
    Derek: A Schwinn Premis. My Dad had a friend that worked at Schwinn in Chicago. He came home with a catalog one day and I fell in love with the Paramount, but had to settle. To this day my Dad is amazed that I got so deeply involved with the sport.
    Flandria:  One last important question…what is your favorite post ride food or meal?
    Derek: It used to be a California burrito, but lately I’ve been eating less meat and reaching for more whole fruits. The dream meal is a nice porter or stout, seared ahi salad with great balsamic dressing. Simple.

    Derek also has a blog site and twitter account: 


    Also, visit Pactimo’s new website!

    Thank you Derek for the interview.  I really look forward to testing out Pactimo’s 2013 cycling kits so stay tuned!




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