• Maroon Wins Giro, Team Mike’s Bikes Sweep Podium

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    Giro di San Francisco
    3 September 2012

    Mary Elizabeth Maroon (Folsom Bike/Mercedes Benz) won the Women 1-2-3 race at Giro di San Francisco today after toiling off the front with Elle Anderson (Touchstone Climbing). The pair got away on a break that survived the fall and rise of the chasing peloton. “I am by myself so [my plan was] to keep an eye on everything,” said Maroon, “[Anderson] had an amazing attack, a really well timed attack. She’s obviously really strong so I was really super lucky to be able to bridge up to her.”

    Anderson and Maroon Keep the Peloton at Bay

    Anderson and Maroon Keep the Peloton at Bay

    The gap between the two-racer break and the rest of the field moved above and below 10 seconds for a good portion of the time. A few attacks came from the field but Anderson and Maroon stayed ahead. “When [the gap] got back to about 8 seconds,” continued Maroon, “I wasn’t sure [the break] was going to stick. I sat up a little bit and Anderson kept bearing it. Then I felt a little bad so I tried to pull extra hard after the gap opened up again.” Later the gap doubled and the race came down to a sprint. Maroon admitted to going from the final corner, “a little longer than I would have liked to,” and held off Anderson.

    A Grateful Maroon Wins Giro

    A Grateful Maroon Wins Giro

    For Men Pro-1-2, Team Mike’s Bikes executed some racing tactics that had the announcers questioning the team’s wisdom. But, in a deliberate attempt to put as many racers as possible in a field sprint, the black and white adorned racers kept a long-lasting break close and pulled off an outstanding finish. Dana Williams, Eric Riggs, and James LaBerge topped the results sheet that had others saying “that’s racing.”

    The early portion of the race saw several attacks that failed to stay away. Eventually, a four racer group formed with Justin Rossi (Marc Pro-Strava), Rob Evans (McGuire Cycling Team), James LaBerge (Team Mike’s Bikes), and Eric Wohlberg (Form Fitness). The four managed to stay away for a good 10 laps before dropping Evans. Meanwhile, Team Mike’s Bikes had racers all over the front of the chasing peloton.

    The gap never grew too large and very little came out of the pack to bring back the break as the peloton was well controlled by Team Mike’s Bikes. With less than 5 laps remaining, Patrick Briggs (SPR p/b Dayka & Hackett) bridged followed quickly by Rand Miller (California Giant/Specialized). It was grupo compacto one again.

    There was a flurry of activity but, as the race came down to the field sprint on the final stretch, the three Team Mike’s Bikes racers were in command. Williams pipped Riggs at the line with LaBerge two bike-lengths back. Regardless of people’s thoughts about the tactics employed by Team Mike’s Bikes, the outcome was a podium sweep. With it came the win in the Premier Series for Team Category 1-2 Men, a competition they took away from Marc Pro-Strava on this final race of the series.

    Williams, Riggs, and LaBerge Lead a Team Mike's Bikes One-Two-Three

    Williams, Riggs, and LaBerge Lead a Team Mike’s Bikes One-Two-Three

     A Team Mike's Bikes Podium-Sweep

    A Team Mike’s Bikes Podium-Sweep

    For the Cal Cup, Giro decided only Master 35+ 1-2-3 and Men Category 3; Justin Rossi (Marc Pro-Strava) had won the series for Men Pro-1-2 at the Challenge Road Race whilst Amy Thornquist took the crown for Women 1-2-3 at Esparto.

    Trevor Gomes (Dela Velo/Michael David Winery Racing Team) took the series for Category 3 Men with Matt Rodirigues (Davis Bike Club Race Team) finishing second overall. Third place went to Michael Kopp (Taleo Racing).

    Jonathan Eropkin (SAFEWAY/GA PRC Group/Bicycles Plus) took third in today’s race for Master 35+ 1-2-3 to become that category’s Cal Cup champion. On the back of three top-three finishes, Eropkin came from third place following the Vacaville Gran Prix to overtake Michael Buckley (Morgan Stanley) and Andres Gil (Michael David Winery Cycling Team). Buckley surrendered his category lead on the final Cal Cup weekend to finish second whilst Gil took third overall.

    Giro di San Francisco Results for Cal Cup
    Women 1-2-3
    1. Mary Elizabeth Maroon (Folsom Bike/Mercedes Benz)
    2. Elle Anderson (Touchstone Climbing)
    3. Martina Patella (Red Racing)
    4. Jane Robertson (Metromint Cycling)
    5. Mary Ellen Ash (Steven’s Bikes p/b Pactimo)
    6. Heather Ross (Team TIBCO II)
    7. Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)

    Men Pro-1-2
    1. Dana Williams (Team Mike’s Bikes)
    2. Eric Riggs (Team Mike’s Bikes)
    3. Jame LaBerge (Team Mike’s Bikes)
    4. Sterling Magnell (Wonderful Pistachios)
    5. Joshua Carling (Michael David Winery Cycling Team)

    Master 35+ 1-2-3
    1. Scotti Fionseca (Zenn Cycling Team)
    2. Phil Roberts (CyclesFANATIC.com)
    3. Jonathan Eropkin (SAFEWAY/GA PRC Group/Bicycles Plus)
    4. Richard Steele (Sacramento Golden Wheelmen)
    5. Trevor White (SquadraSF)

    Category 3
    1. Zeke Mostov (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
    2. Matthew Hough (SquadraSF)
    3. Francisco Padilla (Taleo Racing)
    4. Robbie Farrens (Tieni Duro)
    5. Nick Baird (Sierra Pacific Racing p/b Dayka & Hackett)



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