• NorCal CX Videos Wanted

    by  • September 16, 2012 • cx

    While I waited for weekend results to come in this evening, or for one of my trusty writers to get me some content, I started browsing for CX videos.  NorCal native Hans Kellner, whose website is huge in the Philippines,  has basically pioneered the format and continues to put out cool vids.

    But the rest of the country, like CXhairs.com, is catching up.  And getting clever and all ironic.

    We must stem the tide and take back leadership of cool videos. If you have an iphone, good music selection, and are willing to edit a little video together i want to see it. I want the world to see it!

    I have a handful certificates donated by the good folks at Sports Basement which I want to give out to cleaver videographers.

    Send us your cx video link (norcal at love.com) on youtube, vimeo, or what ever else you use and as long as you aren’t porno-ing my guess is you’ll have a good shot at getting something. Generally NorCal riders are too busy riding to do something artistic so this should be easy pickings for anybody that enters. This goes for you too Hans!

    I’m sure you have all seen my famous YouTube CX video by now… but just in cast you haven’t…





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