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    17 October 2012

    From Tom Simpson

    Sunday’s second round of the Clif Bar Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross season is going to feature four very unique entrants who arrive with a contingent of cameras and TV production assistants – four Norwegian cyclo-tourists, led by the indefatigable Dag Otto Lauritzen from the original band of 7-11 warriors, are here to film both a segment with Gary Fisher on MTB’s in Marin but also a stint on Saturday at the Grand National Rodeo. Sunday, they turn their attention to US – we get to introduce them to OUR sport – and good luck to them. They’ve never seen Candlestick before.

    But you have, and you blazed the trail we’ll be using on Sunday 2 weeks ago – that’s right – we’re reversing the course and sending you back onto the lines you sculpted September 30th. The “Bridge of Sighs” is back on the calendar and the most significant change will involve our Start and Finish Zones – they’ll be located inside the main parking lot, similar to 2004 when we hosted another famous `cross champion – Daniele Pontoni while he was on his “Retirement” farewell tour.

    Online registration closes Wednesday night (17 October) at 9:00 pm our time – then you can break out the Lutefisk and red/white/blue flags for all of our Norwegian fans. Never had Lutefisk? You are really missing something special – but here’s an example of how some Scandinavians view this treat. Think of it as Norwegian “Haggis”, used strictly for ceremonial purposes.

    How many lutefisk can you fit into a barrel of sugar cookies? Usually about ten before store security catches you, only five if the barrel is still on the export boat.

    Sunday – “Bridge of Sighs”, beautifully carved out lines, easy parking next to the S/F, and Dag Otto with his merry pranksters.

    The Quad 'Copter Looks to Make its Return at Candlestick Repechage

    The Quad ‘Copter Looks to Make its Return at Candlestick Repechage



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