• Stolen Bikes? Jenny Oh Is Fighting Back

    by  • October 26, 2012 • tech, too random

    The following From the office of “Anti Bike Theft Crusader” Jenny Oh. Jenny has single-handedly recovered several bikes from thieves for herself and friends. Sign up for email notifications and become part of the solution.

    In the ongoing battle against bike thieves, I created the “Stolen Bicycles: Bay Area” Google group in the hopes of spreading the word about bike theft via email. Email is the one universal thing that people check regularly and can be easily forwarded to friends and colleagues in the cycling community. Hopefully the group will have a large subscriber base so that we can spread the word far and wide when a local bicycle is stolen through this list. I hope it’s a useful resource for those of you who have been the unlucky target of a bike thief, but it should, however, be just one tool in your toolkit in the recovery of your bicycle. Visit the group for more info. You can join, read and post in the group without having a Gmail address.




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