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    7 November 2012

    9 November – addendum: the Bridge of Sighs is part of the course for the BASP races.

    The Clif Bar Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross will hold its Night Race this coming Saturday, 10 November. With rain in the forecast for this week, the course for Sierra Point Night Cross may see this season’s first “wet” racing. Regardless, as the daylight gives way to the floodlights, inhibitions will fall, the libations will flow, spectators will rollick, and ‘cross racers will roll. This is one of the anticipated events of the season with its usual mix of top-notch racing, exhibition of cycling skills, and that racer-spectator “interaction” that often comes at an event of this sort.

    Godspeed at Night - Photo Credit Jeff Namba

    Godspeed at Night – Photo Credit Jeff Namba

    The first race of the day gets underway at 12-noon with Cat C Men. The sun will set shortly after 5pm as the racing continues; the last start of the day is the Cat A Men at 8pm.

    From Tom Simpson – Big Noise for Clif Bar Night Race!

    He came out for our first season in 2003 (check the video from CCCP), he has been a regular with Sea Otter since 2000 – and he’s back!

    Richard Fries – Providence Festival head honcho, organizer of the Nationals on that famous course in 2006/2007, and most recently THE voice at the World Cyclocross and World Road Championships for the UCI – will be on stage this Saturday night entertaining us Best Coasters at the Clif Bar Sierra Point Night Race in Brisbane.

    Hang onto your hats – he’s not coming by himself. This weekend is the finale of a “Home and Home” exchange between Pilarcitos Cyclesports and the Providence Gang. Alec Simpson and Curtis Cook spent the October weekend throwing fence and building the course at Providence and Sierra Point is our turn getting the works from the Chowderheads. Richard will have not only his wife but Race Director Patrick Goguen to assist – and then be surprised at how hard, bumpy, and grass-less our California courses are. No step-in stakes for these boys, no sirree. we love our weeds, we do.



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