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    So much cool stuff came through our doors last year that it’s hard to pick out just a few items for our 2012 NCCN Gift Guide.  I collected a few of our favorites, added in a few plugs for friends, and put together a list aimed at helping you make informed, high quality decisions when you start shopping for your cycling friends.  Don’t forget to send this link to your spouse, grandparent, or whomever to help them with their shopping.  Holiday shopping is stressful peoples.  Make it easier on everyone with the NCCN Gift Guide.

    Osmo Drink Mix – This drink mix is from the lab of Dr. Stacy Sims, re-known hydration and ProTour scientist.  For those unfamiliar with Dr. Sims work, Sims was the NorCal Ph.D behind Skratch Labs ne. secretdrinkmix.com and multiple secret hydration projects conducted for Garmin, Radioshack and other ProTour teams.  I’m a huge fan of her work and have just completed a head to head review of Skratch and Osmo which I will publish shortly.  Osmo would be my first gift recommendation for the discriminating cyclist.  http://osmonutrition.com/

    Northern Cross – Tim Westmore has expanded the list of contributing photographers to his yearly roundup of NorCal Cyclocross action.  Support the photog scene and buy a copy of Northern Cross for the holidays... These are the guys make us look good.

    Cycles Fanatic Clothing  – Flandria started doing her tech reviews on #nccn with an in depth look at Cycles Fanatics women’s clothing line.  Phil over at CF is doing interesting stuff with his retail and racing program.  I’m curious to try some of the carbon frames he’s putting out at crazy recession proof prices.

    Cedar Cycling  – The Cedar Cycling gang is located in Oakland, and are making all their products right here in the U.S. of A.  Not only are you supporting NorCal and America but you are buying a little piece of the Hipster nation as well.  It’s a small line but totally cool and gift worthy.  My new favorite item they have is the local ride t-shrits.  I’m getting the Old La Honda shirt! 

    Super Pro Racing & SSCXWC 2012  – Murphy Mack runs Super Pro Racing and is promoter of the upcoming Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships which starts this Friday 11/30/2012.  Even though the race moved to LA, lame!, the spirit of beer, bikes, and nudity still pervades so get on it!  A trip down toe SSCXWC in LA is the perfect holiday getaway for you NorCal pansies that feel “winter” has set in.  To be clear, if you win this race, you must get the tattoo!

     TIBCO TT Bike Set Up – Last year the gals on TIBCO were sporting a TT kit that included Reynolds Wheels on a Specialized Shiv.  It’s  gonna be a bad ass Christmas if these show up.  Check out this rig if you are shopping for a TT nerd that wants the “extra edge” in his next race.

    Tim Westmore Race Photography aka. Argentum Imago – Tim is a frequent contributor to #nccn and several other local cycling sites.  Give a personalized gift by buying a photograph of your favorite NorCal racer this holiday season. The vault of images is huge and you can find a photo of pretty much any NorCal racer from the last few years.  There is some arty stuff in there too if thats your kinda thing.

    Hand Ups are Not a Crime T-Shirt –  This CX-Hipster-Dirtbag-t-shirt is designed by the @WTFKits guy,  who as it happens, is a close relative of mine… if you buy this shirt it will result in a nicer xmas gift for me. I am tired or receiving cigarettes so please buy this shirt. 

    Fort Bicycles  – These guys jumped on our radar last year with a novel idea: Bring a famous Euro brand to the US and create a new market for roadies in search of something different.  Fort Bicycles charged at this market and have developed a bike that will make the perfect off-roadbike adventure rig.  If you are looking for a gift for the rider that has everything, and are looking to make an impression,  this half road/half cx set up is the way to do it.

    Sports Basement – If you gotta do some box shopping head over to Sports Basement.   On top of actually hiring vertical sports experts in their various NorCal locations Sports Basement supports tons of local events and teams. Sports Basement give us giftcards for give-aways and what not.  Sports Basement have their own gift guide going if you want something a little broader for outdoorsy friends and family.

    Fixation: The Movie – this little film was primarily made on the streets of San Francisco and Hellyer Velodrome.  It’s short, and features some knuckleheads, but has great interviews with the likes of US Sprint Coach Jamie Staff, and members of a cute LA beer & bike club.  This will not disappoint if you have any singlspeed in your blood.  The DVD is on sale for under $15 and you can catch it on Netflix too if you are looking to gift somebody a new media option.

    Hincapie Sports Clothing – George may be the straw that broke the back of Armstrong but he’s also been running a successful clothing business the last several years.  Flandria reviewed some women’s kits and came back ecstatic.  If you are looking to white label a woman in your life with some cook kit then Hincapie Sports Clothing might be your answer. 

    Cyclocross Magazine – Sure the folks at CXmagazine.com are weird, but aren’t all CX racers?  If you like 12 page exposes on 80’s era Swiss CX races then look no further, Cyclocross Magazine has what you are looking for.  The print magazine has the most detailed CX tech info and reviews you can find on the planet.  If you are shopping for a cyclocross racer i would highly reccomend gifting them a collection of Cylcocross Magazine back issues will earn you their eternal love.  Also available on iPad for the technologically advanced readers.



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