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    5 December 2012

    Single Speed Worlds Moves to Philadelphia for 2013
    Murphy Mack, Emily McLanahan, and Meredith ‘Mo’ Obendorfer announced today that Philadelphia will host the 2013 edition of the Single Speed Cyclcoross World Championships.

    Here is the text of their wrap-up announcement:
    There aren’t too many words that come to mind that properly recap this past weekend, except two: thank you. Thank you L.A. for hosting such a kick-ass weekend. Thank you everyone who flew from afar, drove many miles and stayed up late into the night to help, race, cheer, drink, put together a costume, heckle and ring a cowbell in the name of singlespeed cyclocrossers everywhere. Thank you to sponsors who kicked down dollars or donated prizes to help sweeten the pot — with particular shoutouts to the strong support of Cedar Cycling, Kuat Racks and Giro. Thank you Dot, Jeff and the SoCal Cross crew for inviting us to share your venue and working hand-in-hand with us through the process.

    As the pictures and stories pour in, we can’t thank you – EVERYONE – enough. That you had an amazing time means everything to us. It’s what made it an amazing time for us. Except…”amazing”… simply doesn’t do it justice. We’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.

    We also have two words for Philly: your turn.

    The move became sealed with that simple last line of the announcement.

    Single Speed Worlds had been held on the West Coast since it’s 2007 inaugural race in Portland. Back then Cyclocross Magazine described the event as “a bit of serious racing combined with a huge focus on fun.” (Single Speed World Champs “Crowned” in Portland). Portland played hosts for three years before Seattle in 2010, and San Francisco in 2011.

    That Murphy Mack and his crew (Emily (the undoubted brains of the entire operation), Paulie, Dennis, Zach, Jason, Slonie, Matt, and Mo) have lived up to the description of the first event is an understatement. This year’s Single Speed Worlds in Los Angeles (Tattoo You!) was outstanding. The torch has been passed now and one-speed fans can look forward to the first time SSCXWC leaves the left coast.

    Stephen ‘Geronimo’ Kincaid came out to SSCXWC 2012 with a group from Philadelphia to get a first hand look at the scene and lobby for the event to move East. ‘Geronimo’ spoke briefly to NorCal Cycling News about the new venue for SSCXWC 2013.

    “We’ve been lobbying hard,” said Kincaid, “We wanted to be respectful and earn it correctly. We also wanted to respect our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Northwest who started this event. We want to see SSCXWC leave the West Coast, go East Coast, and show people that we can do something really special.”

    'Geronimo' Emerges from the 'Cesspool of Filth' and Lobbies for an East Coast Venue

    ‘Geronimo’ Emerges from the ‘Cesspool of Filth’ and Lobbies for an East Coast Venue

    “We have Boston, New York , Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC all within three hours so we have a huge contingent of people that can come,” continued Kincaid, “We also have an inside tip that it [SSCXWC] wants to go to Europe in 2014. We want to see this thing as it was created as the Single Speed Worlds and go global, becoming a ‘real-world’ World Championship. We’re hoping Philadelphia will be the springboard for that.

    “This is the first time [I’ve] been to Single Speed World Championships but we brought a crew of really amazing people who have been to multiple Championships. They tack on experience. We’re here to learn and see what Murphy Mack has done with LA and San Francisco. Dave Pryor and Selene Yeager did San Francisco. Also, we talked to people like Adam Craig and Ryan Trebon, and those guys that have done the Portland version.”

    Selene Yeager Readies Herself for more Single Speed Worlds

    Selene Yeager Readies Herself for more Single Speed Worlds

    “Our goal is to do something unique, very Philadelphia, very East Coast,” remarked Kincaid, “but also to have some roots to what Single Speed ‘Cross Worlds really is. We wanted to be respectful with what was created but also do our own special thing.”

    Some of the Philadelphia Crew in Philly-Dress for SSCXWC

    Some of the Philadelphia Crew in Philly-Dress for SSCXWC

    Pryor is the leader of SSCXWC2013 Philly with Yeager, Kincaid, and other race promoters in their working committee. Events in their ‘palmarès’ include Iron Cross and the Trans-Sylvania Epic. The group has worked for 2 years and expect the venue to take place at a park within riding distance of downtown Philadelphia.

    “Hopefully, we’ll put ink to paper when the calendar changes and the permit processes start,” wrote Pryor, “Right now I think I’ll be editing down all the amazing ideas everybody has about [SSCXWC]. We’ve got more potential qualifier, party, and special barrier possibilities than I had beers in LA. Can’t do it all unless we turn it into a 3-day stage race (wait, that’s another idea!).

    “One of the best things so far is all the support we’ve gotten from everybody on the West Coast. We look forward to giving a lot of love back to everybody that comes out.”



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