• Kachorek’s Pace Reigns as Jenkins’ Strategy Pays Off

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    Sacramento Cyclocross Series
    Laguna Del Sol
    16 December 2012

    Emily Kachorek (TBB.CX) topped off her Sacramento Cyclocross Series win with another Women’s A victory today at the series finale. Max Jenkins (Folsom Bikes) started slow but finished by racing away to win the Men’s A race.

    The Laguna Del Sol course was a mostly flat, elongated loop around a small lake. Two areas of elevation changes were at opposite ends with some very sticky mud on long stretches down one side of the lake. Lap times were significantly slower in these sections of most races.

    The Brightest Pink
    Ellen Sherrill (Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster) led early in the first lap but a second day of racing and pressure from Emily Kachorek took its toll. The TBB.CX rider grabbed the lead by lap two as Marja-Liisa Magnuson (Kinetic Cycles) took over second place. A determined Kachorek then continued to add seconds to her lead over the battling Magnuson.

    Ellen Sherrill Lead Early under Pressure from Kachorek

    Ellen Sherrill led early under pressure from Kachorek.

    “[It] went pretty fast off the start line,” said Kachorek. “Ellen and I were battling early and then I just kept pushing the pace. I got in front of her over that last back rise and then got a little gap on her. I looked back and she was gone. I noticed Marja [Magnuson] was coming on strong and the next time I looked back, [Magnuson] was in front of [Sherrill]. Then it was a matter of holding off [Magnuson] the rest of the race.

    Once in second place, it was to Magnuson’s credit that Kachorek’s race was far from sealed. The Kinetics racer stayed in contact. “I wasn’t cruising,” continued Kachorek. “I knew that if I could hold her off that I would be alright. I had maybe 30 seconds going into the last lap. That’s a good enough lead where if you didn’t make any big mistakes and keep pushing on the pedals you’d be alright.”

    Kachorek Focused on Keeping Up the Pace

    Kachorek Focused on Keeping Up the Pace

    Kachorek remarked, “The course was fun. There were some fun little off-camber sections. It was fun dialing in some of the corners that you could go through fast and keep the pressure on the pedals. There were slippery corners, so that was good experience for me. It’s a great venue.”

    The race announcer called out Kachorek’s bike for having a paint job with its own battery power. Kachorek described it as “the brightest pink that you could possibly find. This is the special 92 Montana neon fuchsia. I went to the art store and got the got the good stuff and was hoping for something more fun than my red and white Cannondale.”

    After closing the gap to Kachorek on the last lap, Magnuson crossed the line in second place. Sherrill rode a steady race for third.

    Magnuson Sweeps Around the Course

    Magnuson Sweeps Around the Course

    Holly McGovern (Real Wheels/Cycleution) finished in fourth place with Amanda Siegle (Metromint Cycling) rounding out the top five.

    Sitting on a Big Gear
    In the Men’s A race, Mitch Trux (Sterling Sports) rabbited off early to lead the field going into the elevation changes at the top of the lake. With the gap starting to grow, Max Jenkins (Folsom Bike) and Chris McGovern (cycleutioncoaching.com) responded; by the time the leaders reached the far side of the lake, the three riders were together with an eight-second lead over Peter Knudsen (TBB.CX) in fourth place.

    Trux En Route to a Second Third-Place Finish of his Weekend

    Trux En Route to a Second Third-Place Finish of his Weekend

    “[Trux] is always really good, so I was a little worried,” commented Jenkins. “I also know I start relatively slowly compared to some of those guys. As long as it was within a few seconds at the end of the first lap, I wasn’t too concerned; I figured I could chase it back. As it was, [McGovern] came around me to close the gap down. I was barely hanging on for the first lap. The second lap we got rid of [Trux].”

    McGovern Holding the Lead on Lap Two

    McGovern Holding the Lead on Lap Two

    Trux was another rider on his second race of the weekend and his race suffered as Jenkins and McGovern contested the lead during the second lap. Jenkins then made his move on lap three to assume the lead for good. McGovern’s lap times stayed competitive until the final lap but Jenkins always appeared in good command of the race.

    “I was sort of barely hanging on to [McGovern’s] wheel, but after the barriers at the start of the third lap he got a small gap on me,” said Jenkins. “I closed it down really quickly on the first little hill and passed him. After that sharp hairpin at the next climb I went as hard as I could because I figured it was my best chance. After that first 15 minutes there’s usually a bit of a pause. If I can go before there’s a chance to recover that’s good for me.”

    “I wanted to be on my own on this race, because my best sections are where there’s the most drafts. If I’m with people, they can sit on my wheel, so I knew I could be faster on my own than with a group. Where I could pedal on the relatively smooth parts of the track was where I was going as I hard as I could. The bumpy sections are hard for me. When I could sit on top of a big gear on the smoother sections [was] definitely better for me.”

    Jenkins Building his Lead

    Jenkins Building his Lead

    McGovern closed out the race in second place with Trux taking third. AJ Kennedy (Cycleution/RealWheels) passed Knudsen on the second lap to secure a fourth-place finish with the TBB.CX racer in fifth.

    Knudsen had already won the SacCX series. Despite three wins to his credit, Jenkins finished one point back in a competitive season-long campaign.



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