• UPDATED! Gender Equity at the 2013 Merco Cycling Classic

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    Update to original post, we have confirmation from Doug Fluetsch, Merced GodFather of … Everything Merced:

    “I think the direction would be to supplement the event with a fourth day for the women and certainly not eliminate the masters. Lee and I will be discussing the options and possibility to work it out tomorrow. I am fairly certain we can find the extra sponsorship $$ as we have been asked earlier this week about additional sponsor opportunities. The question is more logistics, course safety, and would we get the participation. It would have to be fruitful or it would be unworthy of the additional sponsorship. Lee would certainly have some logistical issues to clear, but of the people I know he certainly will find the answers and potential if they are out there.”
    Hellsyeah, people.  Now – let’s please raise EVERY DOLLAR we can for Prize Monies for the Women’s field at the 2013 Merco Classic.  Since raisinh the 35+ entry fee  is out (BUT WE STILL SHOULD!) … let’s please get as many dollars donated and merchandize schwag’d up for every stage!
    Already Donated:
    BILL NICELY: $1000
    CHRIS LYMAN: Hincapie Sport wear, yo!
    and I bet we can get some performance testing gift certificates and maybe RETUL bike fittings from some coaching services around NorCal donated…
    what else could we find???
    Do you have a business you want highlighted in our regional and national media onslaught upcoming, focusing on registering every women’s pro team to attend, compete, and ROCK the newly expanded 4-day Pro Women’s Stage Race at the Merco Cycling Classic!Contact TopSport Cycling for your donations today, please!  (and thanks for spreading the word!).


    ORIGINAL POST 12/20/12
    Do you ever just have one of those days?  Well, yes – I’m having one … so, thank you for accepting my very much premeditated apologies for my use of the bandwith for this urgent call to action (stop what you’re doing now and act, please!):

    TopSport Cycling is the promoter of the 2013 Merco Cycling Classic: http://www.topsportcycling.com/

    They are great folks putting on a great event.  I wrote a review of a LEOPARD bicycle during an early addition
    … racing with Alexis Grewal and getting dropped entirely by Benjamin Buttons the elder Jac-Mayniac.   I hated them all at one point or another … but I did get a sweetass Giordana rain jacket from BJM.  He was insulted by the raggedywet condition of my old-trusty Assos raincape that spring race season … but, i just loved that shattered old thing – I wore it into submission.

    Well, anyway – BJM mails me his bright yellow, supersafety ultrawarm rain cape the next week.  HE MAILED IT … like in the post office.


    MERCO CYCLING CLASSIC can be gender equitable in 2013.  Let’s please make this happen.

    Currently – the 35+ masters men have a 4-day stage race, competing the same days/courses as the pro men.  BJM and the Jamis Maniacs will be in attendance … no confirmation if supermodelSPRINTER Haedo’s hairdo will be in attendance.

    The Pro Women event is a 3-day omnium – this must change.

    Judd Van Sickle of mountainous palmares and ruggedly savage facial hair suggested that we just switch the fields this year; masters do the shorter omnium, women do the longer stage race, as is gender equitable.

    Lee Shuemake is the owner of TopSport Cycling and needs cash to offset the costs it would take to allow women to race the full distance.    Bill Nicely of NCNCA Pres past and current ARGON/Pinnacle Training Women’s team lead has already donated $1000 for the cause … what will you do to help make California the center of women’s cycling!

    I’m donating $500 Hellyer Velodrome Velobucks in support of this event, and am asking YOU to get involved.

    DONATE cash or ADVERTISE your business with Lee’s race – this year, right now!  We will bring a big rockstar women’s fields to the race, and professional journalism will be hungry for the 2013 American Spring Campaign!

    I am asking all 35+ men’s teams to donate to this cause, this year – by paying an additional $10 (OR MORE!) per registration for the women to get equitable treatment.  Thanks for showing your support – emails and social media posts help a lot!

    Michael Hernandez, aka “Hernando”
    Hellyer Women’s Team Pursuit Program, www.facebook.com/hwtpp




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