• Super Bees: Category 3-4 CX Riders Needed to Destroy SoCal

    by  • December 28, 2012 • Cat 3, cx

    #NCCN wants to have an impact on the NorCal vs SoCal race this January. NorCal often dominates the Elite categories but we need to make a dent in the B’s (known as Category 3 & 4 in USAC land) this year.   We are putting together a team of four riders to take on the following categories at the NorCal vs. SoCal race on 1/19-20.

    • Women Cat 4
    • Cat 3 Men
    • Cat 4 Men

    First off we need a team Captain to rally the troops at the event.  I’m recruiting @Supcat to take the job.  @Supcat – if you choose to accept this mission tweet me and we can coordinate.  Aside from that it’s wide open so get your application in now.  Below are some riders we have been tracking as possible candidates.  If you are on the list drop us a line, facebook post, or tweet.  If you are not on the list do not despair.  The selection was a random, but logical, sampling of CCCX and BASP races.  Just message us with your name, category, and why you should be on the team. We want looking for possible winners, but character and style are just as important.

    What’s the gig?  Well, we pay entry fee and will coordinate some gas if you share a ride.  It is a super pro offer I know.  Maybe  we can make shirts like the Cutters had in breaking away.  It’s only four spots so get your application in soon!  We want to wrap this up next week.

    Super Bees Dream Team Candidates*

    B Men – Cat 3/4 (Need to be a Cat 3 or 4)

    • Lee Sloane
    • Matt Garcia
    • Matt Adler
    • Chance Tiner
    • Jarret St Aubin
    • Sean Estes
    • Chris Neher
    • Colin Youenn
    • Matt Quann
    • Rob Dahl
    • Eric Brown
    • Chris Rippey

    Women Bs (Need to be a Cat 4)

    • Michelle Morrill
    • Carolina Gomez-Villafane
    • Elli Friebron
    • Haley Cutter
    • Maddie Ortenblad
    • Victoria Wentworth
    • Chava Kronenberg
    • Chris Lundy
    • Sarah Powers





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