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    Adrien Costa threw down the accelerator into the senior ranks a bit this weekend and Beth Newell displayed some super smooth climbing rhythm after a start-line solo attack up the 3.7 mile San Francisco climb.

    Costa is the sixteen year-old prodigy the NorCal racing scene has known is a big prospect for the future – he will continue to ride as a Garmin development rider for 2013.

    His attack in the men’s race came during a quick lull but a few minutes into a powersurgey-filled combined category 1/2 and 3 men’s field.  I wouldn’t say there were more than 25 at the start line – but it was a significant draft that could be had in the group as big, strong riders like the Freund brothers, cat 3 hurtlocker Hanns Detlefsen (winner of tight 3s race a second ahead of Chica Sexy’s Steve Torturelli).

    Costa’s first attack  transformed into a loos-reigned gallop that split the field, as riders found their limits and ate sour-soup as gaps created and agonizingly opened to expose fitness groups, want-a-holics, and the purebeasts who just don’t know anything other than pointing at something and pedaling their ass off to it.


    Beth Newell’s race began 8 minutes after the men’s elite field – and from the whistle … like literally – she was clipped in like it was Kentucky WorldCX 2013.  Snap and a motivated pursuit start and Newell would find herself a few seconds gap in a few dozen meters – which she took for time to put wood to fire and charge hot and solo up the windswirly sweeps of San Bruno’s climbing.  It’s a long 3.7 miles – make no doubt of it … and hitting it solo at 17:25 is no joke on the strava/suffermeter, or otherwise.


    In the men’s race – the favorites where clearly at the front and ready for business after the initial few surges of the brave and crazy.   Costa’s move, just after the first third of the race, really did shatter the field for good – but not in a mega-clod knock down the forest kind of way … his attack was more a jumping probe that went into orbit … burning us all up trying to match his speed.

    Chris Phipps, the classy ThirstyBear champion gave unrelenting chase, but it was a legit young couple of riders who beat him to the top of San Bruno this year.  He’s won enough of these hill climbs to nod his hat at two very strong young riders.  Bridging to Costa over the brutal, exposed mini-plateau midway through the race  was Jonathan Teeter of MarcProStrava.  Teeter would grab young Costa at the swirly ranger-entrance to the San Bruno climb proper … but it was a matter of pure matho’metrics as Costa’s jaw-dropping power to weight ratio whipcracked him up that climb ahead of Teeter.

    Men – Pro/Cat 1/2
    Place  Points  Name City, State Time USAC # Bib Team
    1 317.09 Adrien Costa (1 – Cat2) Los Altos, CA 14:49.5 296167 1 Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
    2 339.83 Jonathan Teeter (1 – Cat1) Guerneville, CA 15:12.1 291414 11 Marc Pro – Strava
    3 362.57 Christopher Phipps (2 – Cat1) San Francisco, CA 15:15.2 233623 9 ThirstyBear Cycling/ThirstyBear Cycling
    4 385.31 Will Riffelmacher (3 – Cat1) San Francisco, CA 15:52.5 230258 10 Olympic Club
    5 408.05 Kevin Metcalfe (4 – Cat1) Pleasant Hill, CA 15:58.6 47519 8 Team Specialized Racing Masters/Team Specialized Racing
    6 430.79 James Enright (5 – Cat1) San Francisco, CA 16:08.8 227219 2 SquadraSF
    7 453.53 Andreas Freund (2 – Cat2) Berkeley, CA 16:17.2 222320 4 Davis Bike Club Race Team/Davis Bike Club
    8 476.27 Mat Gordon (3 – Cat2) San Francisco, CA 16:17.2 191313 5 Fusion Sport USA
    9 499.01 Michael Hernandez (6 – Cat1) Oakland, CA 16:45.5 136641 7 Leadoutracing.com (CA)
    10 521.75 Kurt Wolfgang (7 – Cat1) San Francisco, CA 16:56.6 266467 12 SquadraSF
    11 544.49 Travis T (4 – Cat2) San Francisco, CA 17:51.5 158451 13 Giga OM-ARO Pistachios
    12 567.23 Alexander Freund (5 – Cat2) Davis, CA 18:02.2 222322 3 VuMedi p/b Lombardi Sports/Echelon Velo
    13 589.97 Charles Halley (8 – Cat1) Portland, OR DNP 62769 6

    The women’s field was a combined p1/2 and 3/4 field – so a crit-sized field lined up at the bottom of San Bruno.  Beth Newell would jump away at the line and accelerate for a stunning solo 17:25 up the course. [ The course record is from 2002 (17:20), when I believe all groups started together – men and women.  Well, that’s the way it used to be run for a few years.   It’s a massive help being with other riders up the climb – so, for her to screw down on the suffermeter and burn a 17:25 solo … ouch!]


    Women – Cat 1/2
    Place  Points  Name City, State Time USAC # Bib Team
    1 358.01 Elizabeth Newell Oakland, CA 17:25.3 252152 205 NOW and Novartis for MS/Now Cycling
    2 381.59 Jennifer Zierke (1 – Cat2) Millbrae, CA 19:55.6 275670 207 Pinnacle Training Systems p/b Argon 18/Pinnacle Training Systems
    3 405.17 Camille Deluca-Flaherty (2 – Cat2) Belmont, CA 20:00.0 45254 202 Velo Bella
    4 428.75 Lauraleen Fenech (1 – Cat1) San Francisco, CA 20:20.2 224272 203 Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
    5 452.33 Lucia Mokres (3 – Cat2) Redwood City, CA 20:39.4 262113 204 Los Gatos/Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
    6 475.91 Elizabeth Benishin (4 – Cat2) Palo Alto, CA 22:30.3 75937 208 Velo Bella
    7 499.49 Beverly Chaney (5 – Cat2) Carmel, CA 22:47.5 221127 201 CyclesFANATICRacing
    8 523.07 Adrienne Belliveau (6 – Cat2) San Francisco, CA 24:05.5 303420 200 CyclesFANATICRacing
    9 546.65 Holly Roberts (7 – Cat2) Sunnyvale, CA 26:50.5 203177 206 SJBC/San Jose Bicycle Club

    Jennifer Zierke of Pinnacle Systems p/b Argon was 2nd in the women’s race – another Hellyer track rider looking to race hard on the road in 2013 and also ride the US Track National Championships in both South Carolina and Los Angeles next August.  The final spot on the women’s podium was Camille Deluca-Flaherty – the VeloBella masters champion.


    Cara Fitchett and Catelyn Connell had a good battle up San Bruno for first and second in the cat 3s; Tracy Colwell cooked the 45’s with just over 16minutes; and, there were 70+ age-group riders there and every half-decade below that.  It was a great turnout – full results: https://www.usacycling.org/results/?permit=2013-105


    David Cheung: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mooworld/sets/72157632406712311/
    Mateo Ortega: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=8bc5bfb94e4a2c08&id=8BC5BFB94E4A2C08%21479





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