• Fan Connect Test Event: POO Ride Tuesday January 8th

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    A few cycling entrepreneurs (Oscar Aguilera Jr, Kieran Cox) have a new social app in the works that might proves useful at races.  #NCCN likes to highlight folks developing products in NorCal, so show em some love and head over to the POO ride next week.  

    Fan Connect is a new App we have been developing and is coming to the Android Market January 2013. Fan Connect connects fan’s with athletes in real time ,on the race course. 

    It can be used in cycling, marathons, and triathlons anywhere in the world where an athlete has their phone with them. Racers can use Fan Connect in a Fan Connect registered event to connect with their friends, family and  fans in real time.  Athletes can also submit there own events, like local group rides, runs, or tri’s. 

    The Fan Connect App will first come to the Android market in January 2013 and then to the iPhone Market early 2013. (March 1st, or sooner)

    This is how it works.  Once the App is downloaded fans search for athletes that are registered or have downloaded Fan Connect App and send them a Fan request. The athlete can approve or ignore all requests at their digression. Once approved the Fan can monitor the progress of an athlete during the Fan Connect event. Athletes can remove and add Fans at any time. The athlete must turn on the App before an event or race.  Once turned on the App automatically locates and matches the athlete with date and time according to events in the data base and goes to work once they cross the the starting line. For example, if Cat 3’s start at 9:30 am and the racer comes across the start line +or- and few minutes Fan Connect knows they are in the Cat 3 race.

    An athlete can also opt to be viewed publicly and anyone using Fan Connect can watch their progress during the event in real time along with all the other athletes that have opted to go public. All of this can be viewed on a real time Google map, which is the heart of the Fan Connect App. We call this the public race. This is the heart of the experience, especially for those of us that are competitive and want to race against our peers.

    Example of App Interface at SF Marathon

    Athletes can use Facebook or Twitter log in and the app will post real time updates of their progress for them during the event or race if they opt to do so, this will also post information about what event they are doing, such as – Merco Cat 1, Snelling Cat 4, Chico Cat 3, ect.

    An Alpa version will go up on Sunday Night for our test event at the POO ride on Tuesday the 8th. We would love for your to come test it with us and hear your feedback.





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