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    Creating a super star team of Cat 3 & 4 riders was WAY more exhausting than I had anticipated.  Their contract demands were endless.  Their demeanor unforgiving and cruel. Frankly this is a collection of the toughest, meanest, hardest, nastiest riders I have ever come across.  I left the negotiating table each day praying that they would turn on each other and start a feeding frenzy.  I can only hope that their cutthroat nature will be pointed towards those SoCal losers at the NorCal vs SoCal Championships on January 20.  The only reason I am willing to put up with such a bunch of hard cases is to make sure we dominate ALL, and I mean ALL, the categories this year.

    The Super Bees are to cyclocross what the band VOID was to rock and roll.  Mean. Horrible. Scary.  Much like VOID these riders create beauty, wreck some furniture, and scare the crap out of everybody’s parents.  Some will go onto become rock stars.  Others will go on to become millionaires, but most will be exiled to oblivion, only be be remembered in NorCal CX lore, handed down, generation, after generation.  Their influence – if not their names – will be remembered forever.  Go listen to VOID.  You’ll see what I mean.  You’ll hate it. You’ll Love it.  Lord knows. you will remember it forever because the ecstasy and pain will be seared in your brain for all eternity. *

    Here they are.  My Beautiful, Ugly, SUPER BEES!

    • Carolina Maria Gomez Villafañe (Cat 4 Women)
    • Captain: Lee Slone (Cat 3 Men)
    • Matthew Garcia (Cat 3 Men)
    • Chris Rippey (Cat 3 Men)

    RIDER BIOS**  

    Photo By Steve Anderson

    Carolina Maria Gomez Villafañe (Cat 4 Women)

    They call her Caro out on the coast.  This 20-year-old phenom rides for the Ibis-Buy-cell.com team and likes to trick competitors with her angelic appearance before ripping their legs off like a sad little  brainless spider-worm.  Caro know’s crazy.  She was born and raised in Argentina-Patagonia until age of 13, where she learned her way around sharped edged weapons before mooing to the mean streets of Los Gatos, CA.  Caro plans on wearing the UCI colors one day and doesn’t care who she has to step on to get there.  Oh… and she like long bike rides on the beach and says,  “Riding my bike is like going to therapy :p”




    Captain: Lee Slone (Cat 3 Men)

    Slone is a NorCal legend.  Best known for inventing the “Kitten of Flanders” this hard scrabble rider has bounced from contract to contract until finding a home with Super Pro Racing this year.  Slone easily slid into the captain’s chair because he’s a builder.  A builder of dreams, who can challenge and inspire, yet possesses a dark side akin to the great characters of film like Patrick Swayze’s portrayal of Dalton in the epic masterpiece, Roadhouse.  “I came into racing bikes from racing cars, upon the realization that it was healthier. And cheaper. And that I was unemployed,’ said Slone at the team presentation. “My chief contributions to the world of cyclocross were are “Cyclocross! A Comic” (currently serialized in Cyclocross Magazine), and shattering the myth that all Americans that travel internationally to race ‘cross are actually “good” (sorry, Japan!).”

     Matthew Garcia (Cat 3 Men)

    28 year old Garcia rides for the NorCal cyclocross power house Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster.  He claims his nickname is “Donde!” but he is known in the NorCal B ranks as the “Predator.”  Like the stars of the eponymous jungle/alien flick, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Carl Weathers, Garcia knows one speed.  Awesome.  When asked about what motivated him to accept the Super Bee assignment Garcia was somewhat mystical in his response.  “Any excuse to hop in the car, throw on some bangers, and just drive to a random destination to gaze at grazing steaks, or a stellar endless landscape.  A landscape that has no obstacles or boundaries – too big or too small for the imagination. And I’ll take any chance to kick back and digest!  I’m down for a few things. Positivity, the high sierras (especially the winter), Disneyland, fishing, butterflies, being thankful, Hello Kitty, festivals, Books, live music, maintaining a sunny disposition, my family and gut busting laughter.”

    Chris Rippey (Cat 3 Men)

    Rippey has seen life. He was kicked around by life and it’s travails until just this year when he turned 31, and is now doing the kicking as a member of the Coretechs Cycling Team.  This father of two spares no punches when evaluating himself.  “I’m divorced, I’m a current resident of a shack in my parents backyard, I’m very attractive, and I’m told I smell like “burnt horn.” Without a doubt Rippey’s intimidation factor is paramount to his success.  Rippey uses his bullet like barbs to throw his components off their mental game, and then uses his legs to make racers wish they had their nana’s around for some suckling. Rippey. Hates. Puppies.  There is hard, and then there is RIppey.

    I present to you, the first ever, wait for it, SUPER BEES.  These riders will be taking on SoCal’s best and brightest on January 20th in the Cat 3 Men and Cat 4 Women’s races.  Wish them luck. Register now. Destroy Socal.

    *I just wanted to see how many times I could mention VOID in an article about bikes.

    ** Some what accurate, yet loose portrayal of the actual bio’s the riders sent me.



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