• US CX Nationals Course Preview: There Will Be Mud

    by  • January 9, 2013 • cx

    As you all may, or may not know, I am currently  in Madison Wisconsin.  This helps me for things like pre-riding the nationals course.  I went out Monday and took some video, which was a pain in the ass to get online.  I blame Apple, YouTube, and nameless others who create software that confuses me.  Still, I finally got the video in place this morning.

    The course will likely be nothing like this by the time riders actually get on it later today.  High temperatures which started to move in yesterday will cause most of the snow in the video to melt turning the track into a slippery, muddy water park.  As you can see there are a lot of solid, hard dirt patches too hook up on but those will deteriorate as the snow melts and riders pound them during the upcoming races.  Temperatures are forecasted to be solidly in the 40’s until Sunday when they are expected to drop below freezing again.  I’d expect the top 3-4 inches to be pretty soupy with a hard layer of permafrost underneath for racing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  The elite races are anybody’s guess at this point – at one point they were forecasting snow, so I have my fingers crossed for that.  As my riding companion in the video, Greg Ferguson of Midwest Trek said – “There will be mud!”



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